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About me:
Moms of Fredericksburg was developed by local Mother, Dina Young, when she discovered the need for a resource to help other Moms moving to the Fredericksburg area. Dina moved to Fredericksburg with her Husband and three adorable children, hoping to make it their “final duty station.” Although she grew up in central New Jersey, Dina has spent the past twelve years dutifully following her Husband and his public sector career across three states along the East Coast. With each move came a new baby boy and, a continued shift in priorities. Dina’s ten plus years conducting research for the legal and financial markets eventually gave way to her present status as a stay-at-home Mom. After taking a few years to settle into her new hometown, Dina decided to combine her substantial business background with her entrepreneurial spirit and love of socializing with other moms. Dina’s number one goal is to make this site a comprehensive relocation resource for Mothers moving to Fredericksburg to learn, offer advice and support, discuss important issues, and share tips and resources. Whether its an educational trip with local historical significance, an outdoor sports activity, or a quest for the perfect ice cream cone – Dina will do her best to find it. On any given day, you’ll likely find Dina somewhere in the local Fredericksburg area, toting her kids back and forth to school, organizing a play-date, getting some Virginia raised beef from the local butcher, or exercising at the nearby family fitness center. With her commitment to be a “Fitness Mommy” you may catch her running one of the many local races Fredericksburg has to offer throughout the year. Then again, depending upon how fast you are, you might not.

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