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work at home, mom, young, independent business owner
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Childcare became too expensive and working a dead-end job became hopeless. I wanted to stay home to spend more time with my family but also wanted bring in money...that's why I joined AmeriPlan. It's a great opportunity to stay home with your family and children. It's a way to watch your child grow in front of your eyes, instead of behind your back while your working 8.5 +hours at a dead-end job. If you are tired of working the same job every single day and are interested in working from home, check out my websites, I promise you won't be disappointed. It's simple and if you don't want to join my team, check out AmeriPlan's discount program saving you hundreds on dentist, chiropractic, physician, x-rays and much more starting at $14.95/mo. This plan is for the uninsured and the underinsured. Isn't it time someone looked out for you? That's exactly why Ameriplan is here...for you!
My interests:
arts and crafts, painting
My website/blog:
tiesha.intuitwebsites.com http://mybenefitsplus.com/tiesha http://deliveringonthepromise.com/tiesha http://myhomebusinesspays.com/tiesha
How I de-stress:
a nice cold drink and a comedy
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My favorite book:
The coldest Winter Ever
My favorite movie:
Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady

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