Nicola Ries Taggart

From Alameda, California, United States

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Number of children:
Age of children:
2, 7
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Parenting advice I follow:
To remember that the kids match the energy I put out. If project a calm energy, no matter the situation, they will match that. They also pick up on my nervous, frustration or angry energy if that's what I am putting out and then contribute to that. Not a pretty site!
Parenting advice I ignore:
Put your kid down later and they'll sleep better and later. So not the case with our kids. Later bed time just means a more restless night of sleep and waking earlier in the morning.
Favorite activity with my kids:
Dance party in the living room. Nothing like two giggling girls "shaking their booty" to KC and the Sunshine Band.

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  • Nicola, welcome to Work It, Mom! I checked out your blog and really liked some of your great insights - maybe you might consider sharing them with our community here? They'd make for some great articles:)

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