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  • Ready or not ready for daycare? I have a 20 month old girl and we just tried to get her into daycare. We wanted to start her in daycare so she can have contact and start building relationship with other children. We are older parents and we donĂ¢

    Answered on 11th August 2008:

    Hi, Wow. Okay I am a new mommy of a 7mo. old boy and I understand how you feel with this transition. I agree with the mommy above when she says to trust your gut. My son has been in daycare since he was three months. I had to return back to work once may maternity leave expired. It was hard and I did not want to do the searching... but I did settle on a place that I love and He Loves and I don't feel like I have to worry when I drop him off. Security is key. The Place that he goes to has cameras, pass codes and the like, and before they will release your child to anyone other than you.. the person picking him up has to know the pass code selected by the parent(s) before he/she started the daycare facility. They also have windows in the classrooms that are inside of the building for any one to see in as they walk by the room. I love the Director of the Facility too. I know enough to know that people will put there best foot forward when they want your business... but you get a sense of the true character of a person and vibe of the place while you are there. If Josh, my son, wasn't happy there... I would deff. find another place. Maybe your daughter would be happier at another location. You want to make sure that you feel great about the place too because your daughter may feel your hesitation too. Also drop in unannounced at whatever daycare you choose... that way you can see how things are before they are expecting you to come and get her. Okay one last point b/c I have to get my boy ready for daycare! lol! Maybe you can also consider part-time care just to transition her slowly from being away from mommy and daddy. I live Phila. PA. I am not sure where you live, but if near by... I can give you some ideas. Take Care and good Luck!!! Lovlee www.simplylovlee.etsy.com www.simplylolvee.blogspot.com

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  • I hope the blackstrap molasses works for you! I found unsulphured kind at the health food store for $3.50. it's been helping--I just take it straight like medicine :-)

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  • Hi, how are you & the baby? I'm sorry that I've been so busy this week. Enjoy a nice long weekend. Talk soon.

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  • Welcome to the community - and thanks so much for stopping by my page! I checked out your Etsy store, btw -- love it! The coasters are my favorite:)
    Look forward to learning more about you!

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