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  • This is my 3rd week back at work since having my daughter, Ellie. My question is to all of you moms who have been through this before. Does it get any easier? I hate leaving my daughter at daycare. I hate not being able to stay at home with her. I re

    Answered on 18th March 2009:

    I am the complete same mind of thinking as you are and my son just turned 1. He went to daycare at 12 weeks old and has been there ever since. It is hard, but the way I look at it is that he will have more fun and more experiences if I work. For example, If I stop working, we will always worry about money and if we can afford things. Not only does that put a strain on marriage but it puts a strain on everything, even your relationship with your children. If I continue working, I can take my son to music class, the pool, go to amusement parks, travel, go to musuem's, etc etc. Life has more quality. If I quit work, i wouldhave to cancel cable, phones, internet, and probably wouldn't be able to go anywhere. What kind of life is that? I don't love daycare but I know my son gets to play with toys, friends, and is safe. He enjoys the outside and has all different kinds of activities. He even walks and eats better because he mimics the kids in his room. I just try to spend as much time with my son as possible and make evenings and weekends special. As for cleaning, I do that at night while he is sleeping. It gets easier but I find the way to really make it easy is to accept that you have to work and know that it will benefit your children and family in the long run! Good luck and hugs

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  • What quality do you enjoy most in your child? (or children)

    Answered on 17th March 2009:

    My son is only 1 but has such a great quality of being able to make everything better! He has a great smile and is always so happy. He goes to bed with a smile and wakes up with a smile.

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