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  • If you could afford to stay at home with your kids, would you still work?

    Answered on 9th September 2007:

    I would absolutely still work. I love my kids, but I am more than my kids. I see a lot of value to being present for your children, to putting in that time with The Wheels on the Bus and the playgroups and the PTA. I've done that (and do it even thought I work) and done it well. But I am more than a mother. I am also myself. A strong, intelligent, professional woman who enjoys her career and is good at it. I get great fulfillment from being a mother (well, sometimes. Let's be honest, sometimes it really is a grind), but I also get great fulfillment from my work. Teaching is an outlet for me. It's a way to honour the parts of me that aren't a mother. I also think it's very important for my girls to understand that I don't work simply because I have to, that I work because I want to. I think it's important they have as a role model someone who has made choices in her life to value herself--her gifts, her talents, her interests. I'm proud to be able to be that role model for them.

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  • Hey, you're goign out tomorrow... remember... FREE TIME!! woohoo!! Keep that in mind k, and things wont seem (who am I kidding, pre teen girl vs. mom) so bad. LOL, great not I have ms. Andrews in my head. Thanks alot! :) Cheers darlin, it'll get better again.

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  • Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by and reminding me not to give into the stress monster!

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  • Hey, just saw your stress notifier alert is on high - totally understandable for this week in your life, but I hope that as the weekend approaches, you can get a breath and relax a little. And don't forget the support you have right here. It takes a "village," but not necessarily an "iVillage"! (Sorry, I probably should have fought that one off, but my resistance to puns is famously weak.) Hang in there!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 5th October 2007

  • Hey, you. Sending relaxing vibes your way. (Ugh. Mary's gone all new-agey.) But you know what I mean! Lean back, take a few deep breaths, give yourself a little moment of tension-free living. And know that there are people you've never met who care!

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  • Hi there - I love this stress notifier (hey, I came up with it, so patting myself on the back here, shamelessly:) - so just wanted to stop by and say I hope you have a better day tomorrow. I still think your blog is great at the solo mom, but I totally know what you mean about losing its identity over there.Hopefully this means you'll be writing more here!

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  • Lawyer??? I hope everything's ok! Hugs and Mama vibes for you!

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