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mom, wife, empty-nesting, new career prospects
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I have a bachelor's degree in the field of Speech and Language Pathology. I am not working as a Speech/Language Pathologist at present; due to the fact that I have not obtained the required Master's degree. I was a foster parent for 8 years. I cared for 12 of the children who were wards of the state. Some of the children stayed with us for respite care only; which was very short-term. The 2 daughers I cared for longest are the two I have listed ages for above; as I have no biological children of my own. One of the girls actually remained in our lives through the years, and became an integral part of my life; and our family. She is our beloved daughter in every sense of the word.
My interests:
I love outdoor festivals during the summer months. During winter, I love to create new ideas for our home decor', and walking/playing in snow. I also enjoy crafts during the winter months. I always enjoy movies, cooking, writing, reading, & shopping.
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How I de-stress:
A warm bath; spending time at the wellness center; going to a movie alone, and sitting in the very top row, in the back of the theater, with my popcorn and drink all to myself.
Best advice I've gotten:
Don't sweat the small stuff!
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My favorite movie:
Shawshank Redemption

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  • Hi, Tracy!
    I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom! and just wanted to say welcome! Your suggestion about using cucumber slices to reduce puffy eyes is now on my list to try next, by the way! (Cremes and such don't seem to work well...) I look forward to learning more about you and hope to see you here often!

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