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  • For women entrepreneurs, what do you find is your biggest challenge with promoting your business? Is is time? Is it money? Is it how to do it? Is it where to get started? Please share your thoughts, comment and ideas with me. Thanks! Sincerely, Te

    Answered on 10th November 2010:

    First, thanks Marilyn for your reply. Next, you don't have to spend TONS of money to advertise and promote your business. You can get things started by getting your name out there on social media. Get a blog website...which doesn't cost much at all. You may wish to get some direction on the format and layout so the site can look as professional as possible. Also start blogging to share about your business and the expertise of what you do and how it can help others. You can set up a wordpress blog for no money (unless you need someone to help you get some customization done to the site). And if you need some training/consulting...there may be a bit of money there. Once you have the blog up....start writing about candles...how they can help peoople, why people love candles, different settings with candles, etc. And get involved with social media...get a facebook, Twitter and Linked in account to begin making connections with people who love candles, others in the direct selling industry, etc. If you have some more questions, please let me know. I hope this helps a little bit. Sincerely, Teresa Morrow

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  • Do you have a favorite hobby? How do you find the time to spend on it?

    Answered on 25th January 2008:

    cooking - On the weekends I love to try out new recipes. Well, I figure we have to eat anyway, so it is kind of easy to fit it in. Also, I love to read. On Sundays, I love to sit in my PJs with a cup of coffee or tea, and read a book. It is so relaxing.

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  • Hi everyone! I am new here at Work It ! Mom. I am a native Floridian and started working at home in 2005 to help my husband in his floor cleaning/restoration business handling the daily operations. This year I decided to start my own virtual assistant business to profit from my over 15 years experience in the executive administrative field. I am the mother of one 10 year old daughter who is the joy of my life.

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