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work at home, mother, writer, reader
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I wanted to be able to contribute to the household income, but I did not want to do that at the expense of putting my child in daycare and missing so many of her "first" moments. I found a solution in working at home with AmeriPlan. For more information and to see how you can work at home too, go to
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accents, africa, animals, architecture, bbq, biking, birth, blogs, butterflies, cajun, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, choir, chopin, christianity, church, clouds, college, computers, construction, cooking, country, daddy, decorating, dictionaries, ducks, education, emotions, family, fancy monkey studios, feathers, flavors, french, friends, frogs, gardening, geometry, grandpa's neighbors, herbs, holidays, home schooling, human anatomy, husband, infinitives, iridescence, Jesus, journalism, ladybugs, languages, latin america, life, light, lists, logic, mama, mandolins, monkeys, mozart, music, natural, nicole nordeman, nursing, oceans, old cars, origami, orange, painting, peace corps, piano, plays, poetic license, poetry, publishing, puppets, purple, ranches, randomness, red tulips, road trips, santiago chile, sewing, siblings, sincerity, snickers, solar system, spanish, spicy food, studies abroad, sun, sunsets, tiger lilies, travel, volkswagens, watermelon-kiwi koolaid, writing, working at home
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How I de-stress:
Read a good book. I like mystery, law, science, cooking, history, just about anything EXCEPT romance! I also like to play sports and spend time with my husband.
Best advice I've gotten:
Keep your priorities straight. First is God and then your family and then work.
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My favorite book:
The Grapes of Wrath

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  • Wow - just had to say: what an amazing photo of you with your little newborn! Welcome to Work it, Mom!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 9th September 2008