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For all my fellow mompreneurs out there, I am wondering what challenges you've had with finding the perfect niche and ideal clients? I find this marketing issue can be a major stumbling block for many. What are your thoughts?”

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  • Hello! I work for Cultural Care Au Pair. We are currently looking for part time Customer Service & Sales Coordinators. In this role we are looking for individuals interested in promoting cultural exchange and flexible, affordable childcare in many areas through out the Untied States.

    Would you enjoy working with families to help them find creative and flexible childcare solutions and are you looking for flexible work hours from home? You must be self-motivated, sales-driven and professional. Sales and marketing experience and being connected in your community is a plus. You enjoy working with families and young adults, and are you looking for flexible work hours from home. All selected candidates will be invited to participate in an extensive training program.

    Responsibilities include:
    • Providing support to both families and au
    • Planning monthly get-togethers for the au pairs in your area
    • Sales, marketing and business development
    • Screening qualified host families

    The successful candidate must:
    • Enjoy working with people - face to face and online
    • Be computer and internet savvy; engaged in blogging and social media
    • Be able to network in their community to generate new opportunities and spread the word about our program
    • Be able to mediate difficult situations and possess conflict-resolution skills
    • Have excellent communication skills and be interested in promoting cultural exchange
    • Must like to travel - although travel is limited, much of the our incentives are provided in the form of national and international trips

    Perfect for stay-at-home parents or part time employees who are well connected in their community. Must be self-motivated, have a passion for cultural exchange, sales-driven and professional. Opportunities for career growth available. Please email for more information or apply by clicking here!

    Please visit for more information about our program and the coordinator position. There are great links to provide more clarity on the program as well as Cultural Care including our blog, TheBuzz, and a great video series (on going) called Au Pair Answer Mom.

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  • My roadblock was wanting to work with women like me. I guess it was natural to think that if I was a mom who struggled to lose weight then moms struggling to lose weight would just naturally gravitate to me.

    Boy was I ever wrong. That's worked for me really well online but in person it wasn't working and I wasn't seeing the opportunity that was right in front of me until one of the private studios where I worked went under and I was scrambling to find a place to work.

    A co-worker got me a spot at another studio but I had to bring in my own clients. Through advertising and word of mouth I found the 50+ corrective exercise for fatloss niche. I didn't realize this huge niche was in front of me all along. In 6 short months my schedule was packed and I was having way more fun at work too.

    I had to get new skills but it's been totally worth it and it's even opened up a new niche for me online which is helping other trainers who work with corrective exercise clients.

    My advice for people struggling with this is to be more open to all the possibilities. There's not so hidden opportunities all around.

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