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What are some of your tips for staying organized as a busy mom?”

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  • We keep a family/business dry erase large calender up on the wall in a picture frame. The picture frame makes it look slightly better & it makes it so much easier to keep things organized. Every month, we just wipe it off & start again.

    I also LOVE online banking!

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  • I agree with Caryn. Although I can't get everyone to use an online calendar, our family calendar in the kitchen is vital to keeping things organized. Even my boys know that if something is important to them, it had better get on the calendar!

    Also, on the fridge is a magnetic grocery list pad, and when one of us runs out of something - food or otherwise - it's put on the list. Then regardless of whether my husband or I go shopping, when we grab the list we know what to get.

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  • I love online banking, too. Recently, I found a wonderful site called Wesabe - it's like a simpler version of Microsoft Money meets Flickr. You can upload your bank and credit card statements and tag your purchases. They also have basic reports and tips from other users that pop up based on your tags. Very cool!

    I also have a big calendar in the kitchen that helps me keep track of all our appointments. Everyone has their own color - even the dogs! - so I can see at a glance what's going on in a given week. Plus, the separate colors help me save space; instead of writing "Squiggles - doctor - 3pm", I can just write "doctor - 3pm" in his designated green Sharpie. I have about 8 different colored mini-Sharpies on a large key chain that I keep on a hook right by the calendar - that way, I don't have to go searching for them.

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  • on-line banking! I pay almost all the bills using on-line banking. Only the ocassional bill from a doctor gets paid by check through the mail.

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  • My husband and I use the computer/internet to help us stay organized since we are so busy. One thing that has really helped is Google's online calendar. Both of our schedules are on the calendar including events, appointments, etc. and it is sorted by person (me, my husband, our son) and it includes the time and location. I LOVE this calendar and it keeps us very organized. I also make lists but I find paper lists tend to get lost so I make lists on the computer.

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  • I always stay more organized when I keep a written list of the things I need to get done. I find if I keep a list on my computer, I have a tendency to overlook action items, particularly events. However, a written list is portable and can slip into my wallet so it's always with me.

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  • Assisted living isn't just for the elderly. I hire people to help me run/manage my household. Housekeeper, cook, landscaper, snow plower, plumber, general contractor. I know what I can and cannot do and hire help when it makes sense. Another tip is to live an uncluttered life. Less really is more.

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