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How often do you treat yourself to a massage, manicure, etc.? Something that isn't quite needed, but you really should do. Or at least people keep telling me that I should do just to spend some time relaxing, etc.”

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  • Thanks for the answers everyone!

    As for me, I try to do a manicure every 2-3 months, but it always falls to the wayside. Plus I like to walk-in and do them so that hampers things. The only time I've ever gotten a full massage was when I was pregnant.

    We need to pamper ourselves more! Thankfully I know I'm getting a mani on Wednesday at a mommy blogger party. woohoo!

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  • I've just discovered the pleasantries of this sort of pampering during the last year. I'd never had a pedicure before last spring, since I'm skittish about my feet being touched - still am, but I liked the experience enough that I've done it again, and I should schedule another one soon! But I CANNOT keep nail polish on my fingers, so manicures are kind of a waste of time and money for me - I'll just keep 'em filed and buffed, and use hand cream regularly.

    I really do like a good facial, though, including eyebrow maintenance - had one just this weekend, in fact, and I've started scheduling those ahead of time every couple of months, just like my hair appointments.

    But reading some of your answers makes me feel VERY self-indulgent and spoiled! :-)

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  • I've had exactly one manicure in my life - on my wedding day. And I've never had a pedicure. I don't know anyone else who does either one regularly either - it seems like everyone I know is having financial difficulties, so we all have to prioritize... Pampering myself is up on my list for someday when we can better afford it though!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Deb - Mom of 3 Girls on 28th November 2007

  • Before becoming preggo, I treated myself to manicures & pedicures at least 2 times a month. I love looking at the pretty outcome afterwards!

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  • I don't treat myself nearly often enough. I never have manicures, because I would mess them up. I have pedicures two or three times a year, and haircuts when I remember. It's been since April...I currently have a gift certificate for a massage, but it's hard to do things for me when my husband doesn't come home from work until after salons close to watch the kids. That leaves only Saturdays to do things like that, and we usually have something to do, so I feel guilty taking time for myself. I'd settle for an hour in the bathtub right now!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by alanaransley on 26th November 2007

  • Once every two clock work. Manicure and pedicure.

    It's my only no-kid luxury. I don't buy new clothes often..I do my own hair. But the nails and toes....gotta' have a professional.

    I did an entire spa day once - seaweed wrap, aromatherapy massage, steam room, I think I floated 10 feet off the ground for three whole days. It was just yummy. Cost me two weeks pay...but God, it was wonderful.

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  • I don't do any of this.....I do my own nails, toes and my eyes brows are shaped that people ask me if I have them done. I went for a massage last year and it was a deep tissue one and I hurt so bad I had to call my chiropractor to make sure that I was doing the right thing by putting ice packs all over me. Although I do enjoy the chiropractor. I walk and work out. That's it.

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  • When I was pregnant I treated myself to a massage, and I got a manicure and pedicure for my wedding. Otherwise I only go when I get a gift certificate. I wish I prioritized these sorts of things.

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  • I'm almost always the very last on my list -- yesterday, I was sick and I set out thanksgiving leftovers and suggested that my husband warm them up and feed the kids while I took a soak in the tub. I know... very mild in terms of pampering, isn't it? But it made me feel better... I used to go for a massage about once a month, but recently had to cut that back. I'm thinking of starting it up again... it made such a difference, and in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't that hard to find the time or money for it.

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  • I am horrible about this and as you, people keep telling me it's important. I get a pedicure about 1x every 3-4 weeks. I take a Pilates class 2x week and consider that relaxing. I also go for a 1/2 hour walk on most days and that's my me time. But not much more than this...

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  • I give myself a pedicure about three times a week. (You just don't want to consider the state of my winter feet without them. It's not pretty.) And I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to the massage I intend to get my almost-certified massage therapist daughter to give me when she visits over Christmas.

    But, as in paying someone else? I had my eyebrows professionally done last May. For the first time in my life. Because I was getting married... So, for mysef I do this stuff; I rarely get someone else to do it for me.

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