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Do you work because you want to work or have to work?”

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  • Both, but I LOVE my job!
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  • Both - I work because I have to as I am a single mom. Even when I was married I worked partly because I had to to maintain our lifestyle but primarily because I wanted to. My work is a part of my identity. I love the challenge of learning, growing and helping others. I enjoy making my contribution to the world. Owning my own business gives me the flexibility to have free time as well as energizes me while I am building a successful business.

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  • If I would have answered this question before I had my second child in September, I would have said that I have to, but also want to. I've always been afraid to lose my identity by being a SAHM, but that is now the one thing I want to be. I love being home after school so my son can ride the bus home and not go to daycare. I also love keeping up with the housework so we can relax in the evenings, and I also love spending time with my infant daughter. I hope to make it a reality next school year.

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  • I work because I have to. Bills to pay and all that jazz. When I was pregnant, I knew I would go back to work and was excited because I thought that at least work would be a place where I would know what I was doing and I would be doing something I was good at. Little did I know I would change my job and my tune. I think I might enjoy working more and feel less ambivalent if I felt I had greater efficacy.

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  • Both - I would go stir crazy not having a purpose beyond wife & mom - I work as much for ME as anything. Although if I didn't work I would be a full time volunteer.
    Our business did exist without me and can support our basic needs, but it has grown and honestly my working there (or elsewhere previously) has allowed us the extras in life that we enjoy. My husband works very hard and has expensive interests cars, planes and I love to travel.
    PS those who are homemakers - my hats off - I hate housekeeping and I'd rather go out to work than do your job any day!

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  • Unfortunately like millions of American's I'm in debt and own a home so I have no option but to work outside my home. Recently though I decided I was tired of allowing others to determine my destiny and stepped outside my comfort zone starting a small home based business. When my home based business grows enough I will enjoy blowing a kiss to the corporate world and saying so long.

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  • I work mostly because I want to. I think of graduate school as work, and I substitute teach. We made the decision years ago to be one income, so we've existed on, and become accustomed to, a shoe string budget. Yeah, I wish we had money in the bank and newer cars. But we're a pretty content family of five, on the whole. I'm sure I'll be working after grad school to slay the student loan monster, though.

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  • I work because I have to. I love working at home and enjoy what I do. I have 2 jobs. It pays the bills keeps a roof over our head and food in our stomach. My husband always teases me and says ya know if we hit the jackpot you could stay home and not work. But I don't think I could stand that.

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  • I work because I have to. If we could afford to keep me home, in addition to enjoying the time with my son, I could engage myself in many different activities. I would prefer to cherish the time with him and explore new 'worlds' and experiences each day.

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  • I work for both reasons. If we could afford it (but, silly us, we like our house, enjoy being able to go out to eat on occasion and want to send our child to college someday - well, at least help him with college expenses), I would love to freelance part-time.

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  • I work mostly because I have to. But if I had the choice, I would stay home part-time and work part-time because I do enjoy the fulfillment and adult conversation that I get from working. I would also prefer to change to a career that I would find more rewarding, but with having to provide a stable full-time income, I don't have a lot of options.

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  • Definitely both. Have to, because I really, really like having a roof over my head. Want to, because I (usually) love what I do.

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