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Are there any recommendations for websites that specialize in creating "Family Websites"? I do not live near my siblings and parent & would love to get us all connected in a different way. I know the technology is there - just looking for something that will be easy for multiple generations to use and enjoy. I also have a very large extended family! I am just so busy I want something simple to use.”

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  • We also have family all over the country, from Hawaii to Georgia and a brother in law in Iraq. We use It's free and easy- both important to me! You can post pictures, videos, notes, contact info., family tree, etc. It is password protected too so only the people you "invite" can have access. You can also get a "premium" plan which doesn't have any advertising but I don't mind the ads- they are not too noticeable. You can also upload files- we use this to share Excel and other database files so we can keep everyone updated with current addresses.

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  • wow i didnt know all of those existed! we just setup a blog on (very very easy) and post pictures, movies, and write content about our family and share it with our extended family that is all over the country!
    now i have to check out some of these other places too! very cool!

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  • Thank you for the suggestions. I will be checking them out tonight.

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  • I have not tried these, but have heard of them from others.

    I recommend checking out the following sites:

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  • I've heard good things about, although I've not used it myself. I know a few people who use - so it might also be worth checking out.

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