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Contest: What's your favorite family tradition during the holidays? (Answer for a chance to win this great necklace--details are here.)”

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  • We make mint filled ravioli from scratch. We also exchange any trinkets we picked up while traveling the previous year. Often the stories are as exotic as the object. like a fossilized walrus tusk. possibly 2000-3000 years old.

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  • Lighting the Menorah (why is it so magical every year?), "inviting" Santa to visit even though we're Jewish, eating latkes and noodle kugel.

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  • I didnt have many traditions growing up so I have created a few for my children. We have Christmas breakfast of their favs BEOFORE any gift opening. After breakfast and a lot of thought, we decide what gift we are going to give GOD that year. Eliminating an old habit, developing a new habit, destroying a negative thought or adopting a new one. We write them on slips of paper and insert them into a tissue box that we've decorated with wrapping paper. At the end of the day (to give anyone a change to add or change what they've entered), we put the slips of paper in a fire proof bowl and burn them. Its our way of offering up a personal sacrifice. As the paper burns the smoke is allowed to escape out the window towards the heavens. Its our way of making sure that we are improving year after year and giving back...not just receiving.

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  • Baking cookies on Christmas Eve and watching family friendly movies until we all fall asleep. Then wake up to silence of Christmas morning with the entire family still fast asleep and sprawled across the couch, chairs, and floor.

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  • On Christmas Eve my family meets at my parents' house for dinner - New England clam chowder from Legal Seafood. Yummy.

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  • I come from a family that doesnt have many traditions, I have created our own with mu children. Some simple, some more consuming, but all our very us, and add some predictableness to often busy times. My favorite traditions during the holidays would be 1.) saying gratitudes. we say what we are grateful for. This has expanded over the years. My now teen boys say gratitudes every night, but holidays, we all hold hands and share in each others gratitude. 2.) another one of my favorite traditions came to be after the passing of a loved one, we place a "spirit" plate out with a lite candle for the soul of someone who has passed. Over the years we have a few spirit plates out, they have about a teaspoon of everything being served and after the meal and it is just us again, we go and place it outside under a tree and have some quiet moments honoring our passed loved one. 3.) sipping candy cane hot chocolate on christmas morning :) Peace, Brooke

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  • My Grandmother always made Cherries Jubliee one night during the Christmas season. She had such an elegance about her. Served coffee ice cream in crystal bowls with the warm cherries mixture on top, after flaming it with a bit of brandy... and drama. Delicious, cozy, and my very favorite tradition.

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  • One of my favorite Christmas traditions that I am going to continue with my kids is opening a gift on Christmas Eve.

    This gift is always a new pair of pajamas, soft and warm. I LOVED this when I was little and this year I´m starting it again with my boys, making them fleece jammies for Christmas Ever. There is just something about waking up in new PJs on Christmas morning to open your stocking and gifts. :D

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  • We go to my Mom's for Christmas Eve. She makes a lot of finger foods, and tries to make ONE THING that everyone loves. After we eat, we open gifts. It makes us all feel very festive, and gets the kids excited about Santa coming the next morning.

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  • I find taking out the menorah, polishing it (it's a beautiful silver menorah in the shape of the tree of life), then my son and I decorate the house with chanukiah, dradels, chanukah gelt. This year was the first year we learned about the phrase: "A great miracle happened there." This refers to the miracle of the eternal light (which is only eternal if you add oil, but temples never let it go out), when the Macabees were down to what my son calls "just a speck" of oil, they sent a runner for more. It took 8 days, and by the time the runner returned, the light was still burning from just that "speck of oil." I connected so strongly with my ancestors through the stories I now tell my son. At 7, he understands a great deal and thinks our history is interesting, if not a bit strange. He wanted to know why we were always moving around as a people. Then, he read ME the tale of the Macabees beating the Greeks. "Wow, we are always so few, but we always win." My father said: "Jewish history is simple: 'they came;we fought;we won;they left.'" Oh, if only life was so simple.
    But on Chanukah, on that last night when all the candles burn so beautifully and the happy face of my chils revels in the beauty of it all (and the cool trinkets he got), it means "a great miracle happened here."

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  • My favorite tradition is decorating the tree.

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  • My favorite family tradition happens on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve my two children and I have "special" hot cocoa with a special desert. As the tree is decorated with orniments and lights we sit by it in our pajamies and sing christmas carols. When it is bed time all three of us get into my daughters bed (she is the youngest) and we snuggle up together and I read "Twas the Night Before Christmas." After I am done reading we talk about what we think we are going to get for presents. Then we say our good nights and my son goes to his room and goes to bed.

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