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My Husband of 11 years and I have seperated 7months ago, we still see each other we set up an appoitment for councling, sun he was here we had the best day and he said he loved me we had sex and enjoyed each other again. TODAY I heard he has a girl friend and I called her they been together 2months, he told her he loves her, they have unprotected sex he told her he was fixed hes not and she said he cummed in her, they say they love each other, and all his friends are tring to make me look like a lier and say Im lieing we dont have any relationship or sex life... Im heart broke, he got on the phone in front of her and said he hated me i was a bitch he was done with me... what do I do, I cant move on we have 4 kids and i miss him and was thinking we were moving foward for once in over 10years! we been together since we were 18. eailer today he said I was the only 1 I was crazy and I belived it for a min I belived I was the only one, i kicked him out for not working and looseing jobs he had that were good for bad reasons. this whole thing is really killing me noone i know understands they say move on, I tried I did but I belived all these months i was the only one, he really did love me and we were going ot be whole again, Im letting things calm down tonight and going to try to talk to him tomorrow.”

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  • Sam, I find your answer to be very kind and written in love. Thanks for showing me such a positive reaction to the poster's question. I wasn't seeing it until you pointed it out.

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  • Saving marriage seems very important. Please try to learn to pray for your family's sake. Do not initiate the separation instead be more patient, sweet and kind. Man more intend to be in-love with others if they feel embarrassed because of your constant verbally hitting him. Talk to him that you are being hurt on what he is doing. If she respond of something not respectful. Maybe its time to teach your heart to focus just on your children. If your done being nice and you cannot take it anymore try to make yourself busy at all times. Go out with friends.. deal with sports or something that will make you feel healthy and comfortable. Remember that we can make a good decision when you feel good. Then ask your husband if he still wiling to save your marriage. If not better feel free.. keep in mind, the relationship with your ex is over for a reason: you weren’t right for each other. That means the one absolutely perfect for you is still out there. Picture the right person for you and the kind of relationship you want out of life. Remember, you deserve to be happy. And pray like this: "Loving God, You know the power of love and how awesome a gift it is. Because I love [insert ex's name here] and I have lost him/her, I hurt. Please be with me as I grieve the loss of [insert ex's name] in my life. Comfort me when places, peoples, food, and activities remind me of him/her. Strengthen me when I'm having a bad day, and let me know You love me when I feel alone and lost. Walk with me, day by day, and remind me that I'm never alone in You. Amen."

    You can do it..

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