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What did you do that helped you make the transition from maternity leave back to work a bit more manageable?”

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  • For my 1st daughter, I saved all my vacation and didn't use any to supplement the FMLA leave - 12 weeks of LOA (which was paid at 60% through Short Term Disc. ins.), I came back the 1st week of Oct. and used one day of vacation per week, having off every Friday. That January, I went to 4-10 hr days, which was not the best. For my 2nd daughter, I was laid off until she was 8 mos. old, then found a part-time job where I worked 20 hrs per week. I am now back to full time - 4-10 hr days.

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  • KC I also have been back for two months and still feel in transition. Originally my job called for me to be working 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. I set the precedent even before I left that this schedule would not work for me. The first few weeks I came in to the office even later than 8:15 and used my lunches to go visit my baby.

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  • I requested a reduced schedule for the last part of my FMLA leave. The FMLA says that you can do that, but that allowing it is at the employer's discretion. I came back at 9 weeks, but only 4 days/week until I'd used up all the remaining FMLA time off (15 more weeks?).

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  • I joined office after 4 months of maternity leave.I started by making a schedule for me and my baby, completing all necessary chores by a stipulated time. I worked from home for half day for about 3 months.
    Then complete the rest of the work at night.

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  • I gave myself permission to feel conflicted.

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  • Prayed a whole lot!!!!

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  • The first time, I worked one day a week for the last four weeks. It gave me a chance to get both myself and my daughter used to the new routine a little at a time and also gave me an extra four days to extend my maternity leave by. I found though that I didn't really get much done on those days, other than catching up on e-mail and messages from while I was gone. So the second time, I just came back full-time. Even though I was dreading it more, having 2 kids to leave at daycare, somehow it went a lot smoother than I expected. I started mid-week, which helped a lot too.

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  • I definitely agree with coming back on half-days. Less abrupt a transition. Sheepishily, I'll admit that, although my son is 4 mos old and I've been back to work for 2.5 months, I still feel like I am transitioning back, still trying to find my stride. So, maybe another piece of advice is that transitioning sometimes takes a while.

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  • Way back in 2004, when I was last on maternity leave, I came back for half-days for two weeks. It was not the best financially or for actually getting work finished, but it gave me a chance to get used to pumping at 5 am and getting out the door with a newborn. Also only had to pump once a day at work those first two weeks. I was at least able to get caught up on emails and learn the status of all the tasks I had been working on and would be working on so when I came back full-time, I could really jump in. Also helpful on the emotional side, since I only had to be away from the baby ~5/6 hours instead of 10 right away.

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  • I came back on Thursday, too - It was the best advice I got. I also continued breastfeeding, which is a minor miracle in my industry. But, it gave me 2 twenty minute breaks twice a day where I closed my door and was forced to relax - which is exactly what you need when you first go back to work with a baby. Plus, I still felt really connected to my son.

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  • i came back on a thursday - so i wouldnt have to start a full week right away!

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