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Let's share our stories. What is the reason why you decided to start your own business? The spark that ignited for me was my desire to help more people on my own terms. I am an educator by profession where I help students be successful in college. My career had been satisfying up to a certain point, but then I realized one day that I was bored, and unfulfilled, and feeling like my job was holding me back from "becoming." I wanted to express myself in a whole new way, but the job limited my ability to reinvent myself. So I had three options: ignore how I was feeling and just settle, seek employment elsewhere, or create a new life of freedom, prosperity and most of all, greater purpose. I chose the latter!! For me settling would be too unsettling in my spirit, and finding another 9-5 would be too difficult as the job market is tight in my field (e.g. lots of hiring freezes, furloughs, etc.). So the only option for me was to create a new life for myself on my own terms. I am gifted in helping people be successful and reach their most important goals, and want to continue along this path-- but on a much broader scale. I chose to re-aligned with my Divine design and life plan. So I did it and I love it :) What's your story?”

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  • I started my own business because I suffer from over-creativity. I cannot not follow my ideas. I am very passionate about helping other women follow their dreams. I don't believe anyone should settle. I saw my mom take the "safe" route and although she learned to find reward in her work, I think she would have chosen differently if she had given herself the option. I want to have the freedom to do charity work and be home for my kids when they need me. If I want it, then I believe there are many other women in the same boat. I see my job as being there to help these women by validating their desires, encouraging them and helping them create a plan to get to their goal.

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  • My husband and I just graduated with our Bachelor's degrees and he is applying for medical school right now. I graduated with a business degree. Our son is a year old, and I just couldn't bear the thought of being away at work all day while my baby grew up without me! But I'm a business woman through and through (homemaking - not so much.) So I started an online store, The Mommy Brand, of handmade baby items. All the items are handmade by other stay-at-home moms, so it also helps other moms support their families! My store just launched today and I'm learning by doing! Stop by for a visit at It's sort of my way of enjoying motherhood, but also feeling self-validation that I am accomplishing other great things besides raising children. Hopefully my site will be a way for me to help keep my family afloat while my husband goes through med school : )

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  • I started my own business for the same reasons. It was after 9/11 and I found out I was pregnant. My husband was working at ground zero. I wanted a family business and to get away from corporate, so we opened up a deli/cafe. as of Now, I hate it and have a burning desire to open a new business that would allow hard working woman to treat themselves well because,,,,,they deserve it! First, I need to get out of my current business that I am stuck in. I want to open a spa/wine bar and cupcake business.. I know I can do and I would love to hear other womens stories. It would be a place of sanity and refuge.

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