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as of the last week my youngest of 8 yrs. old has been waking up in the middle of night complaining about seeing ghost, how do i help her?”

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  • I agree with the need to validate her. I suggest telling a story about ghosts that portrays them as helpful and friendly. Making humor the focus relieves some of the fear. Give the ghost a funny name and a funny job. Maybe his job is to check your daughter's room for mis-matched socks.

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  • My $.02: Validate her, talk through what scares her, reassure her that she is safe. My daughter went through something similar. She was *sure* she saw a ghost, and trying to talk her out of it was not helping. So we talked about relatives that had passed on, and how much they loved her, how if they could they would want to support her. Couldn't change her mind about ghosts, but helped her not be afraid.

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  • maybe he just having a nightmare..which my son 6yo also experiencing it a lot of times especially when he is tired or he got some petty quarrels with his cousins..i just let him sleep besides me when he awakes and let him sleep early and have at least a rest aftr a long play..i hope it can help it to child;)

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