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Did you become more or less risk averse after having children? How is it manifesting itself in your life?”

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  • Yes absolutely. My life is more dear to me now. I am a better driver. If there is an alarm in the building of my work place I exit right away, I don't wait for an announcement. I just lead a safer and healthier lifestyle then before.

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  • I definitely take less risks after having children. Sometimes it limits me because there are some risky things I'd love to do. But then that creepy thoughts crawls into my mind of what would happen to my kids if I were seriously injured or even killed.............Looking for a healthy medium to their needs and my wants!

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  • I love stepping out there and taking risks, although I always take into consideration the advice on how to eliminate or lesson my chances of failure...I like winning:-) Yes, calculated risk I suppose- I am an avid horse rider, who always wears a helmet! I have one that is personalized and decorated for those times I want to feel a little more sexy in a helmet...awe...for me it isn't about what others think, its about how I think and feel in it!

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  • I don't mean to be too blunt but make sure you have good life insurance coverage. I too feel as though I must lower my risk level now that I'm a mother.

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  • I have started to become calmer in my life. I don't take as many risks as I used to since Nick was born. I used to get speeding tickets all the time and get into small fender bender type accidents. I have not had an accident or ticket in the last three years. I now drive slower and usually drive the speed limit or a couple of miles over. The biggest risk I take is in my job. I work with troubled teens and take a chance of getting hit when I go to work. That is also where I got shot so am off of work for a while until I get my jaw back to normal again.

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  • Uh...if you wear your seatbelt, you should wear your helmet, period. I'm not as adventurous as you, so kudos for that, but if your are even thinking about the concern skiing brings, then you shouldn't second guess and get yourself secure.

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  • Victoria, I totally agree with your husband, fashions apart! :) Before Lucas was born, I was the kind of girl who would take risks in sports, but now, I do think twice and prefer not to let bad fate get into my path, if can... Of course it doesn't mean that I'll avoid having fun, but now things got to a different level and seems to fit under a more realistic perspective, as if what really matters counts in first place. I guess that you, being a skii expert (I'd love to try it, bu here in Brazil it never snows!), know how to enjoy the "trip", the wind, the white, without having to break any speed record. I believe that most moms change their minds about lots of things after becoming moms. As I said, it's a matter of perspective. Hope you keep the fun, and have a beautiful Christmas!

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  • My daughter is now eighteen - so the fear of taking risks is not as big of an issue as it was when she was younger. I remember very specifically two times when fear of taking a risk was prominent. Once when my daughter was around a year or 18 months we went to a historic railroad bridge and prior to the birth of my daughter I walked acrossed it stopped and looked down to the valley below and after she was born I was terrified to walk across. The other time was when we were taking a plane ride over the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon - again I had done this a time before the birth of my daughterwith no problem but when I flew again after her birth I was terrified. Funny how that happens. All I can say for those of you who are afraid of taking risks because you have little ones it goes away once they are older. Be patient and for those of you who are not affected - that's awesome- I am jealous!

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  • Look at my pic. . .I have a helmet on! Go helmets. I was sold on mine after I caught the back edge of my snowboard and fell backwards downhill & hit my head without a helmet.

    Plus they keep your ears warm : )

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  • more i suppose, over things like how i eat and activities i participate in. i am also very aware of my income and need to provide for my family... can't exactly just get fed up and go :) (not that i really would have before, but i felt like i COULD if i really wanted to)

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  • Victoria: get a helmet, girl!! Anything that involves speeding downhill resting on a couple sticks requires safety gear! I always remember: they can fix just about any part of your body nowadays on the operating table...but not your brain. Any damage from an accident is permanent.

    As for your q: I have always been pretty cautious. For three years I rode my bike to and from work, and I always wore a helmet. That was long before baby came along. I think I'm so cautious because my brother was in a horrible car crash when I was 16 and I've never forgotten how one accident can devastate a family.

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  • Contrary to what most people think, we entrepreneurs aren't all-out risk takers: we take calculated risks. For example, I did a tandum parachute jump when my kids were 8 and 6 and have no regrets. Of course if it hadn't turned out fine, I might, but when I looked at the chances of something going wrong with that versus just driving to the grocery store, I decided to do it.

    I didn't change once having kids, though I agree that the opportunities are temporarily fewer and farther between.

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