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Did you become more or less risk averse after having children? How is it manifesting itself in your life?”

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  • It hasn't affected me all that much as far as physical risk goes, because I was already very disintereted in any activity that might result in injury...i'm uncoordinated and I know it, so avoiding risking activities is merely prudent for me.

    However, I probably am less willing to take financial/career risk than I was previously.

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  • Since starting a career and family, I have less time to find trouble for myself. I would not say I have an aversion to risk, but I would certainly think an action over (and over and over) before committing to something that could be potentially harmful to myself or the fam.

    Having a life insurance policy makes me feel a little better about the unknown, although I still need to get our wills in place.

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  • people usually become less risk averse . it is not worth losing the love of children over fashion. you need to get a helmet. seizures are not worth the risk of fashion. i have just had a week of seizures it is not fun not knowing where you are and who you are! i am sure you can find a pretty helmet!

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  • Got wills and Life insurance? Also, The number one killer is riding in a car.

    Being and Quality and safety supervisor for a number of years I can be OCD. But That doesn't mean I live in a bubble. I also don't want to provoke an early death. I guess it all comes down to balance, knowing ones self, and the world around us.

    My grandmother would not let my father ride a bike because she thought he would kill himself...can you imagine...can you guess what he did when he was 18? He bought a red Corvette with the money he saved from working. He would of been healthier and safer on a bike.

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  • I was kind of fly by the seat of my pants when I was younger. When we had our first child, I didn't take him out of the house (unless to doctor) for the first 8 months....yea...I becamce alittle more careful.

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  • Like Flea, I was more risk averse when they were little, but even then, not nearly as risk-phobic as the mommies around me. Now my own kids are teens, and if I haven't taught them/they haven't learned to evaluate risks and take them wisely -- well, now's their chance to learn!

    I'm much, much less risk averse than I was in my twenties.

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  • While dating, my husband introduced me to travel by backpack. Together, we backpacked across Costa Rica, northern India and Brazil. We've slept on night trains and behind fruit stands, paraglided down a mountain and rapelled 80m into a cave. At the time, it seemed like great fun. Now that I'm a mom, I think that I'll be more cautious about how/what I do because my actions may affect another dependent human being. We're talking about a trip to Africa in the distant future, and the thought of being so far away from my son is scary enough, let alone going on safaris and mountain hikes. So, I've definitely become more averse to risk.

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  • I am so much more aware of the risks after having children. Before I don't think I even had a sense of self preservation, and did crazy or unsafe things like constantly driving over 100 mph on German Autobahns.

    Now my friends have to tell me to relax, because I see accidents everywhere. This didn't just happen because I had children (3 of them) - but because of all the accidents that my children have had. Stiches from falling, burns from running to BBQ grill... And I have done Heimlich for my son over 10 times, and CPR twice. Not fun stuff, and now I do anything I can to prevent those happening again.

    I wear a ski helmet, so does my husband. And we ski at Purgatory, and to be honest, most people wear helmets, so not like we really stand out.

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  • I think it depends on the risk. I love ripping through trails on a quad (I don't wear a helmet for that) but I drive like an old lady if the roads are wet (in Ohio, the roads are quite smooth unlike PA where I'm from). I try to be sensible. I feel safe being in control of a quad so I don't feel it's necessary to wear the helmet. My father and I wrecked a motorcycle when I was about 13 because a dog ran out from behind some bushes (the dog was fine) and I had a full face helmet on (THANK GOD). I rolled and then skidded across a huge concrete parking lot and the helmet was banged up and there was a deep scratch across the plastic face shield. I had so many parts of me grinded open it was insane, but I was ok. I will NEVER ride a motorcycle ever again without a full face helmet.

    I always think about different scenarios like 'what if I wreck my car and end up in the hospital for a few days?' I get so worried that I will have to be away from my daughter that it forces caution into everything I do now.

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  • I guess it is hard to answer this question . . . I don't think I find the time (or rather, don't make the time) for risky adventures. I long for bike rides (hogs, not cycles) and want to sky dive and learn how to downhill before I'm too old for it . . .

    I'm still game for any adventure - but I think my issue is more the time, than simply whether I'm willing to take on risks now that I have kids.

    Did that make any sense?

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  • I was more averse to risk when the kids were young. Now that I have teenagers, I'm more likely to get down and dirty, take risks I haven't in awhile. Someone has to model adventure for them, after all. :)

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  • Oh, I'm sooo less risky. I was a bit crazy before kids. No thoughts of parachuting and motorcycle driving are long gone. I read what you said about the helmet, too. I've long been a firm believer of the helmet for many reasons and have used one for years when boarding. And to make it personal it's fun, not just plain black but it's got an 8 ball on it so I didn't feel so lame. Bad enough my ski coat comes from the discount rack. That I could skimp on but not the helmet!!

    Back to your questions (oops), I don't constantly think: what if something bad happens to me. But I do make an effort to take better care of myself and that means not taking so many risks with my life. Financially, well, sometimes you have to take risks there but that's a whole other subject.

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