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Is your family environmentally conscious? What are some of the things you do to be green?”

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  • You all have great ideas, and I do alot of them myself, using special light bulbs, not flushing evertime we pee...yuck, I know, but it's for a good cause right! My pet peave is plastic grocery bags. They alone are chocking our planet, they have to stop making them! I think hemp is a great alternative. I invested in an appliance that you hook to your existing washing machine which eliminates the need for bleach, laundry detergents, and hot water. Can I invite you to learn more? Help save our planet, one load at a time. password: guest
    Next comes the hybrid!

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  • I have started using all natural cleaning products, for my kids safety and for my own. We also do use either the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" bags or the Whole foods bags while shopping to avoid wasting grocery bags. We recycle whenever possible, and own a hybrid.

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  • One day I saw a sign "Mom's helping Mom's" and changed my life. My garbage company supplies large recycle dumpsters so like a good girl I throw in my paper, plastic and glass. It's easy and convenient. I also bring electronic's and old paint to the proper drop off places. But it wasn't until recently that I started to worry about the items I bring home weekly in my grocery bag.

    Are you using safe alternatives to the national store bought brands.... I am and I love it.

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  • I totally suck at being green and I truly need to get better. The only way I am honestly doing my part is by using and as much as I am on the web, believe me that little bit counts.

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  • It's not easy being green in Augusta, GA. We try...
    use fabric grocery bags
    use cloth diapers (when we used diapers)
    avoid toxic cleaners
    use CFL bulbs
    turned down the water heater and thermostat
    buy used whenever possible
    shop locally (rather from big national retailers)
    recycle cans, bottles, plastics
    compost our waste
    Goal for 2008: buy a clothesline (Forbidden in our "subdivision", but who cares? Let them prosecute me for trying to save electricity!)

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  • We recycle, which is saying a lot here in Tulsa. We took it for granted, part of the norm, in Florida. But I don't go much further than that. Well, we garden in spring and summer. Hmm, and my favorite grocery store doesn't bag, so I pile it all into my van and let the kids unload. Quite inconvenient, but no bags. And what plastic bags do come into the house become receptacles for used cat litter. We're not very green.

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  • I went green ... I no longer buy expensive caustic cleaners from chain stores, and I do not by so called green products that do not work very well. I buy products that are not only effective, but are shipping in consentrated form, thus further decreasing waste to land fill and fuel usage etc. I also buy local every chance I can, I take public transit most of the time, I use recycled paper products, and use them sparingly etc.
    I have taken being green a step further in that part of my business is to introduce people to green alterntaives and help them get enviromentally conscious and responsible products into their home often at greatly discounted rates... so it becomes a win-win situation :)

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  • My family and I had never given much thought to fact of going green, until I did some research and found out just how toxic the products I had in my home were. I stopped buying those products and now purchase everything such as cleaners, personal care products and many other things on-line. Better yet they are delivered to my door which saves on gas and I don't go to the store to get them and up spending more on other items I do not need!!! The products I use are safe for the environment and things such as the laundry detergent and dish soap do not require hot water to work effectively that makes them energy efficient!!

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  • We aren't particularly green. I recently bought some fabric bags from my grocery store to use instead of getting plastic bags. They amuse me because they have the stores name on them but I have taken them to the other two grocery stores that I visit. Plus at 2 of my stores I save 5 cents per bag! Anyways, I have also all of my newspaper and the kid's school papers piled up, but haven't quite gotten them to the recycling center.

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  • This is one of my resolutions for 2008 -- we need to think about it much more.

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  • It's not easy being green, but we're getting there. I reuse and recycle a lot, we compost and garden, and even though I'm likely to be the only one who carries her own bag to the store, we're making progress.

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  • Up until recently I went to the grocery store and purchased brands like Lysol, Clorex wipes, Swifter Wets, Tilex. I discovered a safe alternative from a 22 year old international wellness company. I've gone green and all I did was switch stores... Love it.

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