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I am curious to know what you (all) consider to be the biggest logistical challenges that you face in trying to 'manage' your home, family and career?”

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  • For me it is the unexpected minor illnesses and childcare issues that throw me off. I had multiple people helping with my older daughter after preschool last year, and it seemed like every week something would throw me off with my childcare arrangements.
    Also, over the winter we had multiple bouts of strep and ear infections before having tubes put in my younger daughters ears and a tonsillectomy for the older one. It seemed like every week I was struggling to find someone to watch my sick children. If life goes as planned I get through my week fairly easily since I do work part time and have a three day week. But those weeks that the dog is sick, kids are sick, it seems like everything falls apart.

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  • Hi Melissa, For me it's remembering it all. I find that I have to make to do lists all the time in order to remember everything. And then schedule it. Sometimes it's fine. Yet days like today it overwhelms me. So for example, I need to get groceries and formula so I went grocery shopping on my lunch hour on Monday. My husband and I need to meet with a financial planner, so I'll be making that call on my lunch hour tomorrow. Monday night I noticed that my baby was almost out of clean PJs so I did his laundry and mine Tuesday night. All the while work is too busy from recent lay offs due to budget shortfalls. I don't see how how I can work extra hours to get the work done without missing seeing my son, doing the laundry, getting the groceries, and trying to get rid of this baby belly at the gym sometime! Not sure if that was what you were looking for but that's what comes to mind for me in managing it all.

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