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I work part time at a tobacco store. My step mom is the manager there and the only other person that works there with me. The man who owns it never comes by to check on the store since he owns several. My step mom has been telling me that she wants to train me to be the manager when she leaves. I love this idea because I will go from making $135 a week to $450 a week. My husband and I have 2 children and are on the edge of losing something if our financial problems aren't solved soon. My problem is this. I don't see how she will ever give me this job because right now she asks me to work extra days for her and then instead of turning in the correct hours for each of us for payroll she turns in that she still worked 40 and I worked 20 and she pays me my minimum wage out of her check so that still leaves money for her when she wasn't even working. I hate this because I really appreciate my job and I don't mind the work at all but I don't like doing things that are morally wrong. I have gotten to know a lot of the regular customers better than she ever has (they tell me). She also does a LOT of other things such as taking money out of the register just to put in her pocket and putting in an IOU. I can't list the things she does there are too many. It bothers me because I would feel bad letting my dad and step mom down even though I shouldn't feel bad. They are clearly taking advantage of me. My dad doesn't have any connection to the store except for being married to the manager but he acts like he runs the place too. He sets swimming pools during the summer and makes really good money at it and just now got his disability papers with the military turned in. He told me that they live off my step moms paycheck and blow his 400-500 every weekend on fun stuff. He has been telling me for a while that when his disability gets started I was going to be the manager up here and thena was going to stay home. I don't think he has the right to even tell me that because he doesn't own the store. You just have to know these people I guess to understand the kind of stress I'm under. I'm just mad and don't know what to do. My dad isn't a stable person so I don't want to hurt his feelings. I just want to be a normal 24 year old woman with my husband and 2 kids and live a normal life. I need the manager job so bad and if I quit I will never get something that could possibly pay anywhere near $450 a week around here. I've never made that much a week in my whole life. I'm really tired of how crooked my step mom is at this store though. What should I do?? Help. I stay a nervous wreck all the time because of this. They have treated me this way my whole Iife and I need some advice. Thank You so much to anyone that can help.”

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  • You need to find another job. QUICK! What she's doing is, imho, blatently illegal and totally and without doubt, blatantely unethical. I don't know what state you're in, but of tje owner found out, I believe what she's doing is grounds for firing. If I were you, I'd call your state Labor board ASAP. There have been very LARGE companies, i.e. Walmart for 1, that have been sued big time for working people off the clock and not paying them. I know you need the money, but staying there under the present situation is asking for trouble BIG TIME.

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