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Does anyone know a good way to get a 10 month old to sleep in her own bed :)? She will stay in her bed until about 1am and then she will fight to get into my bed.. and all the working moms out there know that at 1 am you want to do nothing more than sleep... and with her tossing and turning... I cant sleep...any advice??? On a side note.. my house is being remodeled and her room is temporarily out of commission...”

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  • Well when her room is back in commission maybe you could try setting her to sleep with something comforting of yours or that smells like you? Or maybe you could try playing some soft music or white noise to keep her might also want to check out this site called the skinny scoop. Usually has a ton of different option I never think of when I have a question so it might help you. Good luck! Hope you both get some good sleep soon!

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  • My daughter is also 10 months old, and her favorite place is still her mommy and daddy's bed! We just tried playing in her room with her during the day so she can get more comfortable with it. We also put her in her own room during her naps so she can also get used to it some more. We started this at about 8 months, and we had a few rough nights, and she always ended up back in our room. Eventually she got used to it, and now she sleeps in there all night!

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  • We moved Daphney to her crib at 4 months, but I have friends that have waited longer. I would wait until she can have her own room back and try then. Right now as long as you are in the room with her, it is too tempting for her to come to you. When you are able to get her in her own room, I would just do it with tough love. She may cry for a few weeks, but she WILL eventually learn that that is where she has to sleep. I know how heart wrenching (and sleep depriving) that is, but the sooner you make her take the plunge, the easier your life will be! Good luck!!

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  • The best suggestion I could give is to check out this site called the skinny scoop....Also, do you have a sleep routine? Or maybe you could try playing soothing music (very low)..? Good luck!

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  • The old Ferber method worked for us, and it was less than a week of "pure hell". Going in to comfort at increasing intervals was wearing but it worked in about 3 nights. I chose a long holiday weekend for the process - I'm sure my neighbors were grateful ;-) and by the end she was going to sleep on her own and sleeping through the night. Though I will echo that she slept even more soundly when we were able to have separate bedrooms!

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  • I share your problem but you're lucky to have started her at 10 months. I managed to "kick her out" of our bed at 18 months. A good night is if she stays in her bed all night. An ok night is if she comes to my bed around 3am. A bad night is if she can't sleep unless I'm next to her and I sleep on her bed! The only advice I can offer is to praise her when she stays in her bed. She become increasingly reasonable as she gets older. But if you need the sleep NOW, my cousin just put her in another room and let her cry it out. She called it a week of "pure hell" unfortunately but now she sleeps the whole night through. (Note that when you leave her in another room, you have to come in every hour or so to comfort her but don't pick her up or talk to her. Let her know she's not abandoned but just being "disciplined.") Good luck!

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  • Yes I agree I think she has some serious seperation anxiety. I work long hours and I am not around as much as I would like, and she is only like that with me. Maybe im just not rubbing her back long enough, I just get impatient at that time of the morning and just do what works at the time. She is a very restless sleeper which is why i dont get alot of rest. she jabs and kicks most of the night. when her room is done, I am just gonna have to start utilizing her room, but im so scared it will make her seperation anxiety worse :(

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  • I don't know many people who haven't struggled with this at some point, my kids still come into my bed at 5 and 2. I am fine with them sleeping with me though and they don't wake me up. At 10 months she is likely going through some separation anxiety, my younger one went through this for 2-3 months waking up multiple times through the night, it was awful for me and probably for her too. I was raised in a home where mom's bed was off limits and I swore that would not be the case for my children. But, if you are not able to rest that is not a good situation either. You may want to try putting her back in her bed and rub her back, this seemed to help with my younger child. No real advice just some empathy. I think it will help once she gets back in her room, however, like I said mine have wanted to sleep with me off and on for 5 years!

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  • I feel your pain! I am guessing that her bed is in your room right now? It might be that during the renovation, her routine has been sufficiently shaken up that she's just not able to get back into it. The important thing to consider (since you would like both not to have her foot in your face while you try to sleep, and you want her to be able to get back to the typical routine when her room is completed) is that she needs to be able to get herself back to sleep when she wakes up at 1:00 am. Does she have a comfort item like a stuffed animal or blanket? Maybe you could talk to her about how those items sleep in her bed. I know how hard it is, but when she gets up at 1 and wants to get in your bed, I would recommend getting out and sitting next to her bed for a few minutes, but helping her get back to sleep in her own bed. Sometimes just walking her over and rubbing her back will put her back to sleep. I would also suggest that you talk to her about it when you are both awake. Let her help you create a plan by asking, "What can we do to help you fall back to sleep in your own bed when you wake up at night?" You could try implementing a sticker chart so that every time she gets back in her own bed, you put a sticker on the chart in the morning and celebrate her success. Remember, this will pass!

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