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I am not a mum but I'm hoping to be at some point next year. However, I have a job that is potentially great, I speak French and English all the time and deal with Customer services. I've also managed to be allowed to write their training programmes for their shop staff and run the ski rental websites. However, our team lost its manager a few months ago and myself and the person who looks after the sales websites (male) were asked to pick up the extra for which we would be rewarded if done well at a review in the autumn. So basically the line manager for our team has ignored me all summer, if there's an instruction it goes to my colleagus. If he needs a report (on my websites as well) he asks my colleague. I recently went onto our new site to check the new titles and personnel changes for the company list and discovered that my colleagus is listed as the webmaster which is basically the position for manager of our team. I am older, more mature, I have 8 years of serious management experience counts less here when French is my second language and I need a job on an all year round French contract. I now feel totally demoralised, like all the extra work I did this summer counts for nothing, all the previous years of experience was a waste of time and I hve no where to go. added to that I live in an area where work is hard to find, especially annual contracts and I have a mortgage to pay. If I leave this job we will struggle to pay for ourselves let alone this child we were really hoping to have soon. I'm so upset about the whole thing and so depressed that no matter what happens I now understand that I have no future to progress in this company. Any suggestions at all???”

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