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My MIL watches my 3 month old every Wednesday, while we work (for 8 hours). Well, my mom doesn't have a set schedule to watch him, so I usually ask her for the weekends. My MIL and FIL complained to my husband that we should alternate with babysitting on the weekends. I asked my husband when does that leave time for my family to babysit/see him? If they watch him on the weekends, my parents won't see him hardly at all. His response "we see them every Sunday for dinner" - which is soo not the same (we are there for 2 hours). How can I make sure there is a happy medium?”

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  • awww i kind of think it's sweet that both your parents love their grandchild so much that they want to spend as much time as possible with him! Maybe you could do the every other weekend (one weekend for each set of grands) and then one night during the week your parents can watch the baby while you and your husband get a date night? Maybe on fridays? That way they each get time during the week and 2 weekends a month.

    and of course, time for you to stare and ooh and aah over the baby too :)

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