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If you breastfed, how long did you keep it up after going back to work? Did your workplace have a dedicated room to pump?”

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  • I returned to work when my son was 10 weeks old. I pumped 3x a day at work to keep him excusively breastfed until he was 7 months. After that, I started back up with graduate school classes, an internship, and continued to work -- so I had to reduce the # of times I could pump and he started getting some formula during the day to supplement. He is now just over 8 months, and he nurses when we are together and gets breastmilk and formula during the weekdays.

    I do have a dedicated pumping room in my building, so I am very fortunate to have flexibility to pump whenever I can (when I'm at work). At my internship site, there is a room that works for pumping, but it's not always free and my schedule is usually very full.

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  • With my first, I pumped at the office until he was 14 months old and I had supply issues. I work as a PM for a general contractor. I pumped so many times in my truck because I never had a permanent office. On a couple projects, I would be able to find a little-used ADA restroom where I laid out a large changing pad on the counter that I used as my "clean surface" to put my pump and pumping supplies. The changing pad was absolutely necessary because I never knew where I was going to pump and it left me with peace of mind.

    After I stopped pumping at work, I just nursed him morning and night until he was ready to wean finally when he was close to 3 yo. I felt so much more motivated back then.

    My second son is now 9 1/2 months and I'm finding it harder and hard to be motivated to pump. I have a very understanding and willing superintendent who honors my "Mommy Time" as he calls it. He leaves our office to walk the jobsite while I pump. I couldn't ask for a better work partner. I don't know why I'm not motivated to keep it going. I'm not having production problems and nursing has gone super smooth. I want to hang in there at least a few more months. I just need some encouragement!

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  • I took 6 weeks maternity leave and then continued to pump at work until baby was 5 months old. I had wanted to breastfeed for longer, but between my milk drying up, baby preferring the bottle to the breast, and the stress of trying to pump at work, I finally just gave up. I think I still have guilt about not breastfeeding for longer, but it was the right thing to do at the time. (My work did have a nice set up for pumping and a semi-dedicated room, but it was still very difficult.)

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  • I returned to work full time when my daughter was 9 weeks old, and continued to pump untill she turned 1 year old. I still breastfeed her in the morning and night, then all day on the weekends.

    I pumped in my car twice a day, there was no other place to pump. I have pumped in 10 degree weather and 90 degree weather. I work at a ski resort, and many times would have to walk a mile just to get to the car. This process was very exhausting, but I was bound and determined to give my baby the best possable start in life. I would do anything for my child! There is no excuse as to why other mothers do not breast feed.

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  • I returned to work full-time at 12 weeks and at 13 months I am still pumping and breastfeeding my son. It hasn't always been easy, but it has been so rewarding.

    When I first came back to work, the only place I could pump was in a public restroom with an extension cord running into the closest stall from the nearest outlet. It was not fun, but I would close my eyes and try to tune out everything else by thinking of my adorable little boy. Not long thereafter, our office was expanded and an extra office (with a door that locks) became my pumping room. I pump twice a day and my son takes a bottle of my pumped milk before his morning and afternoon naps. I nurse him right before taking him to daycare and as soon as I get home. I don't have a set date for when I plan to stop, but in the next few months I'll probably cut back to one pumping session per day (I started at three), then stop pumping and nurse only in the morning and at night before letting the little guy decide when he wants to wean.

    I had to laugh at Uhura's comment below about quitting breastfeeding when she saw a tooth. I can relate! My son has seven teeth now and there are still days when I worry if he's going to bite my nipple off, but for the most part he understands that if he bites, he doesn't get any more milk. We have an uneasy truce. :)

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  • My story is similar to Boineau's in terms of how long and how often I pumped. The university I worked at had one lactation room with two curtained off stalls, which was so popular they opened another one around the time I stopped. They didn't have a shared pump but DUH! that would make so much sense. I bought two pumps so I wouldn't have to lug it around. I stopped pumping around 8 months when she fully reverse-cycled and stopped taking a bottle a daycare (and was still nursing at home 4-5x with co-sleeping). We're still nursing!

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  • Like kerflop I work at home and my son weaned himself at about 26 months. I started working from home soon after he was born.

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  • Oh, and there wasn't a designated room, but we had this nice "shower room" that had a bench, an outlet, and a lock on the door, it worked perfectly.

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  • After returning to work at 12 weeks, I continued to pump and breastfeed at night until my daughter was 9 months old, then my milk dried up, or I would have gone longer.

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  • I took off 6mths for maternity leave and pumped for an additional 2. I had my own office, and I kep the milk in the office fridge everyday, but it was a lot of work to clean my pump accessories. I ran into men in the office all of the time who would see me cleaning my stuff and quickly run the other way. It was pretty funny.

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  • I continued to breastfeed both of my daughters for 12 months after returning to work. Pumping at work sucked because I'd have to schedule it around classes and spend my short breaks pumping. There wasn't a dedicated room but there was a comfortable meeting room with a locking door that I used.

    It worked fine and I'm glad I made the effort.

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  • I breastfed all 3 of my kids to various extents while working full-time. For my oldest, I pumped for 3 months until she was 6 months old. My second daughter was exclusively breastfed until she reached 11 months old and I pumped for her until my milk supply went down so much that we had to add a formula feeding (at 11 months). With my youngest, I was home with her until she was 6 months old and then when I returned to working full-time, I pumped for another 3 months, while having supply issues. None of my workplaces supplied a private lactation room - I've pumped in restroom lounges, conference rooms and empty offices.

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