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I put my son in "big boy" underwear for the first time this weekend. He peed in the potty several times (after I prompted him to) but also peed in his underwear 4 times and pooped in them right after I gave him a pep talk about NOT pooping in his underwear. My daughter was a breeze to potty train at this age (28 months) because she hated the feeling of wet underwear. He doesn't seem to care. Is this normal, or is he just not ready to be potty training yet?”

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  • Thanks for the advice. We're about to head to Texas for a few weeks, where I will have him with me 24/7 when he would usually be at preschool. So I'm thinking this might be a good time to try the 3-day method. (fingers crossed)

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  • I feel that if he can go in the potty when prompted, he can probably learn. But you have to be committed. If you give up after 5 accidents, not only will you miss this chance, but you may make it harder to get him on board later.

    You have probably heard of the 3-day training method (cold turkey). This works in the sense that you are committed for 3 full days, and by that time, chances are you and your son will see the light at the end of the tunnel. There may still be accidents, but probably not as many as successes. But you really do have to stick with it for 3 days.

    My youngest was out of diapers at 17 months. I used the 3-day method and the first day, I was so close to giving up, because if anything, she seemed to be peeing more often and usually in the wrong place. But something clicked on the morning of the second day, and I was so glad I stuck it out. She absolutely had the ability, just needed to get the method down, and that can take a little time.

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