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Are there any other moms to young children in their forties out there? I am a fortysomething first time mum. I am forty four and my toddler is almost three. I would love another child but accept I am more likely to have menopause than a new baby. I am interested in what others think about me trying to have another baby at my age? I wrote about it before and had some comments, mostly positive over at but I am really interested to know what people here think.”

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  • I am 50 now. I had my last child at 35. I am TIRED!!! LOL! And now I have grandkids that I love and enjoy too. Life is busy and full. I love it....but there are times when my 15 year old needs rides and I just want to fall asleep on the couch! LOL! But I do also work 50 hours a week doing daycare, so I am very tired!
    Everyone is different, and you should do what is right for you. Babies are a blessing and I wouldn't change anything I've done. Follow your heart.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by marilyncorliss on 9th November 2010

  • I think this is a family choice that only you can make with the guidance of your ob/gym. There are many women that have kids over 40 that are healthy and happy. If you and the father are healthy, have your doctor's go-ahead and the means to support a second child, then go for it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ThePinkPetunia on 5th November 2010

  • Personally I would not do it. As I approached 40 (and was childless), I did some research on late-in-life births, and I felt that the risks after age 40 for both the baby and the mom were higher than I was willing to accept. Yes, there are moms who have healthy, normal babies after 40, but given a choice, how much risk do you really want to take? Would you whole-heartedly welcome a child with severe physical and/or mental abnormalities (along with the ongoing cost and time requirements of therapies, medical interventions, and risks of early death)? What % risk of dying in labor is acceptable, considering you have another child who needs you? Those are the questions I'd be asking.

    I chose adoption and I'm really happy I did. I encourage all prospective moms to look into adoption and consider whether it is a better alternative for you, given your unique circumstances.

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