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How do you know you are a good mom?”

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  • Thank you for sharing.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Uptight Mama on 16th November 2010

  • Me-Do Kids Mom, I absolutely love your list for grading yourself! I have 3 kids all under that age of 6 and with my first one, I was always unsure of myself. With my second one, I was more confident as a mom and had definitely learned a lot from my first. And now that we have 3, I am questioning myself again moreso because I worry about whether I am spending enough time with each of them. Thanks for your reply!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Melissa McCoy on 12th November 2010

  • You shouldn't even question this! (But we all do). The very fact that you worry about it (imho) probably means that you are! This is my list for grading myself: Are my kids happy (most of the time), do I play with them, invest in them as people, celebrate their achievements and share their disappointments?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Me-Do Kids Mom on 10th November 2010