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If your kids are in school or preschool, how often do you have play-dates with other kids?”

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  • I have invited the neighbors daughter over a just few times and it really is great especially when you have an only child but honestly I have wanted to do it more and it never really gets set up.

    He does go to daycare full time so he does play every day. During the holiday break he really needed some playdates I think he had withdrawal from being home alone so much. I too would like to find a group on Saturdays to get the kids together and socialize with other working mothers.

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  • I think it also feels different, Nataly, when there's only one kid in the house. Like, if AJ had brothers and sisters in the house on the weekends, I wouldn't think anything more about it. But since he's (so far, 7 more weeks!) an only, I wonder if he should have a friend over once in a while.

    Anyway, good to get some confirmation that we're not alone! Hee!

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  • I think the last playdate L. had was with your daughter! I'm so glad we're not alone in this... the way I see it is, my husband and I both work, my big kids are in school (and with us part time or during vacations), and L. and O. are socializing with their peers at school five days a week, so playdates aren't as high a priority as they would be if L. and O. weren't in preschool and daycare.

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  • OK, I am feeling SO much better now. Because we rarely do this. We have some friends with kids, so we see them, but not playdates with her friends from school. Phew:)

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  • My step-daughter (8 yrs old) has been asking lot about having friends from school over. She's always wanting to call one of the girls from her girls scout troop to come over. At this point we haven't had any over yet. We were planning to over Winter Break, but due to all our schedules it just didn't work out. We do have our neighbor boy (whose the same age and in the same class at school) over quite a bit just because he's convenient and they play outside together a lot.

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  • LOL Lee! i was thinking *WE* were weird for not having 'play dates'!! i keep thinking we SHOULD but really, there is only so much time during the weekends!!! I think it would be cool to have like a once a month play group on a saturday or something though :)

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  • Never! So glad you asked this, Nataly, because I've been wondering if we're weird. We sometimes play with the neighbors (outside), but never invite anyone over. I even asked AJ last night if he wanted to invite one of his school friends over to play, and he didn't seem interested. I think he sees our house as HIS territory and I completely understand if he's all friended out after 5 days of daycare. I hope this isn't a bad thing!

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