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For the past month, my 3 year old has become obsessed with "boobies". He tries to touch mine whenever he can, he points and asks what "those" are and when I ignore him he yells "Those are boobies!", he looks in magazines at men and women and yells "Look mommy, boobies!" in public. I have tried explaining that "Its rude to touch girls boobies", "Only daddy can touch my boobies", "You can only touch your own boobies" and anything that I can think of to stop it. These types of statements normally work on other subject matters. I have also tried ignoring him, and that hasn't wored either. None of this works. Another friend told me her daughter is the same with her but hasnt found a solution. Help!”

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  • That is pretty funny. Since my kids don't have a daddy, some of those issues don't come up for us.

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  • I mean, sometimes I can't help but laugh but I try really hard not to. Especially when I told him that if he wanted to touch boobies that he could touch his own and his own only. He then responded "And you can touch your own, too mommy. Daddy, do you want mommy to touch her own boobies?" It was very hard to keep a straight face. I'm going to have to have another talk with him...

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  • Oh, and my daughters now run to every greeting card display they see, so they can find those joke cards with shirtless "hot" men, and point and say "EEEEWWWW!" Whatever!

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  • LOL! It seems to be the thing going around in preschool at this age! First of all, I told my girls that word is as off-limits as a potty word, and the correct word is breasts, and they don't need to be talking about breasts around other people either, because breasts are private. They seem to understand and generally don't do this in public any more, though they will do it to push my buttons at home sometimes. (Don't you know that's HILARIOUS?) I try not to give it any more attention than, say, bad table manners. I let them know that they are not babies and I (and others around) expect them to act more grown-up than that. If worse comes to worst, remember, it's not the end of the world if other people know you have boobies, LOL.

    It's not at all unusual for little boys to be interested well into preschool and sometimes beyond. I had a first-grade teacher tell me that was why she never wore button-down shirts at work. So my suggestion is, don't worry too much, don't react too strongly, and focus on the grown-up behavior aspect (positive alternative).

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