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Have you ever cried at work? Do you think it's ok to express your emotions in the workplace?”

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  • I have had a headache for over a month now. I just realized this Wednesday that it is from an infected wisdom tooth I have. I am waiting for surgery in a couple of weeks. A couple of days ago my boss informed me that we don't get any rest breaks in our office at all, we can only take a 5 minute run to the bathroom if needed. I have worked at this office for over eight months now and no one ever told me I couldn't take a break, I was getting confused though about her always following me into the rest room and the break room to ask me what I was doing and if everything was ok. When she told me I could never take any breaks longer than five minutes long, I disagreed with her because I have always been able to take a rest break at every job I've ever worked, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The next day she wrote me a harsh letter saying I had a poor attitude and put me on three days unpaid leave. I actually have a good attitude, but I disagreed with her at that time about the no-break policy. When I found out that I was being put on unpaid leave for three days I sobbed my eyes out. I know a big reason I cried so much is because I am feeling so sick, and it is also because I have worked at this place for over 8 months and no one ever told me I couldn't take any breaks. Actually, I asked another lady I work with and she didn't know the no-break policy, either. I have felt like I was a victim and that she was nit picking me to death and changing the rules to get me fired. But this evening I realized that breaks are not a right I possess I must look like such a fool for sobbing my eyes out. I'm so confused and I really wish I could find another job before I return from unpaid leave, but I haven't been able to find one yet. This is so upsetting.

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  • Yes i have cried at work. I work at a hotel where things are constantly changing. So the Christmas/holiday schedule was made. I was glad to learn that for once after being there for almost 2 years i was working the day shift both christmas eve and day, and the new guy was working both night shifts. When a van driver quit the front desk supervisor took the schedule down, said she had to "change" it. I figured mine would not change because im not a vandriver. about two weeks later when she finally got around to putting it back up (a couple days before christmas), i was shocked to see the new guy had got both christmas eve and christmas day, day shifts. I was put on 3-11 for both. To say i was livid was an understatement. I went straight to my boss and asked him to change it. He said he would not force the new guy to work the night shifts unless willing. I went to the new guy and of course he said no. we went back and forth, via text messege. I told him how unfair he was being when he knew that i was driving out of town on christmas day how my whole family was counting on me. How it was messed up because he was fine with the previous schedule. He wouldnt budge. He then said he would switch with me if my boss forced him to. i lost it and ran to the bathroom crying. i felt so disrespected. i have been loyal to my company for almost two years and for my supervisor to just change the schedule like that and act like it was an accident was very wrong. I ended up working both night shifts. I had to drive out of town by myself a day late.

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  • Yes I did and was highly embarrassed, I sometimes I have to remember that I am human too! I hate to cry at any time especially in front of a boss or co-worker but sometimes I guess it is better to just let the emotions out and then cheer up and go back to work. The last time is because of a bad boss who thought she was God and like to bring discord into the office and set you up against the other people in the office-I thought I was there to work as a team not to make enemies. She loved to see me upset because she thought it made her more powerful!!!!!!

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  • It takes alot to bring me to tears at work. But I had a boss once that told me that only a good boss could bring his emplyees to tears. I looked at him and told that was his first and last time. I got up walked to my office closed the door. And from then on he would say I can never make you cry can I? I told him no...........and he'd laugh. But when I quit to work from home it was the best feeling one could ever have laying the letter of resignation on his desk!

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  • I think it's ok to cry at work. Goodness knows I did it enough at the last company I worked for. They were awful. I wasn't the only one that they made cry. Heck, two of my co workers made me soooo upset it put me in the hospital. With Seizures. Needless to say, if work is making anyone that upset, you should find another job. I eventually found a decent enough company and I never cry now. Much less stress, which was my main trigger. I've always been emotional. So, yeah, it's ok. At least to me.

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  • Yes I have cried at work. Can't help it sometimes. I remember one time when I was preganant and started crying about something (I worked w/ mostly all guys) they did't know what to do and were so akward about asking me if I was alright that it made me laugh!

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  • I hate that I've cried at work. I like to maintain the illusion that I can do anything they throw at me, and once one too many things was heaped on my plate and I let a tear escape. I was already pulling all nighters and I just couldn't do one more thing. Everyone gaped and said "Wow. You are human after all." which annoyed me even more.
    I don't think I've cried since, despite being pregnant twice and learning that my mother had breast cancer while I was at work. I just don't want people to think of me as weak or to expect less of me because I'm a working mom.

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  • I've cried at work several times, but always try not to do it in front of students. I cried my first year of teaching when my kids were uncontrollable and I was frustrated, when I've read sad stories to my students, at our annual Veterans' Day assembly when deceased relatives of students and faculty are memorialized, when students who were refugees from Hurricane Katrina showed me pictures of their destroyed homes, and most recently, when I had to leave my infant daughter for the first time.

    I definitely think it's all right to express emotion in the workplace. My co-workers are like family, and we share many life experiences and support one another. Also, it shows my students that I am human and I care about them.

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  • Hi! I am writing a story for a national women's magazine on this subject. If any of you would like to talk with me on the record, I would appreciate it if you would get in touch. I am looking for women from 20-45 who have cried in front of colleages at work and are comfortable appearing in an article in which their full names and photos will appear.

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  • Hmm. I've had to force back tears several times. And I've definitely shed tears once safely in my own home after various super-tough days. Ugh. We all have 'em.

    Is it okay? Well, depends. If you're in a supportive workplace and you're close to your colleagues, it might be okay. But in most work environments I think it would just undermine your status.

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  • Yes, I've teared up, I went to the bathroom and prayed no one saw me.
    Crying, I couldn't express, but I don't like to cry in front of anyone

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  • Yes, I have. I worked in an incredibly dysfunctional and political residency and when I was just completely fed up with the crappola that went on, I would get very angry and then cry out of frustration. The idealist in me would just be revolted by the sleazy politicos who slithered their way through the residency and then onto "intern of the year" and Chief. This was my education that titles are often meaningless! Just resume builders for people who feel otherwise insecure. (No bitterness there ... ha ha). Am I embarrassed that I cried. Kind of. But, part of me wonders why I am trying to conform to the "male" standard. Who knows ... those men might feel better after a good cry!

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