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Can anyone recommend a good at home yoga DVD and /or book for a novice? I'd like to try yoga but the few classes available even remotely close don't fit into my hectic schedule.”

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  • I have a dvd that I started with (and still do) that I love! Its the Crunch series Yoga There are actually two worksouts in this one dvd. One workout is about 30 minutes (the Joy of Yoga) and the other (fat burning Yoga) is a bout 45 minutes. Sara Ivanhoe is really good in explaining and going slow.

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  • I love yoga! I see Mandy Nelson has offered up some good online resources; I can offer up some good, beginner, have no clue resources also. The Dummies videos (my favorite is the Yoga Weight Loss Workout) are a great beginning if you want instruction at home; as a follow up I enjoy most of Sara Ivanhoe's Crunch Fitness video and would be lost without Sean Corne's Vinyasa Flow Uniting Breath & Movement.

    Good Luck!

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  • Dang, me again. I looked through that site even more and learned he does do a basics yoga. There's a link to purchase it through is store page.

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  • Hey, Pammy. Me again. So I went on a mission today and I found this link:

    It's been in my itunes forever but I never checked it out (having once gone in and downloaded as many free yoga things as I could) because I never got to go through everything. But today I needed to change up my yoga routine so I went on a hunt for something to challenge me and release my mind at the same time. I found it!

    Now, the video I saw was a wonderfully, beautiful, serene, blah, blah, blah practice. Standing sequences. FAN tast IC. But it was challenging and not something for someone just getting into yoga so I checked out his podcast page: Each podcast is $1.99 and he's got something for EVERYONE. Yoga for Anxiety (so going to buy that one NOW), Yoga for Fibromyalgia, Yoga for the Butt (another I'll want to invest in), Yoga for Geeks (hmm, there are a couple of ladies from around here that I know would appreciate this but I'll keep names to myself for now), and many more. Anyway, I didn't see anything for beginners but once you've got the basics down I recommend coming back to him. Just the way he cues and uses his big boy words, oops, I mean, uses encouraging words has me hooked.
    Scroll down to the last woman in this photo series. OMG, I feel like that's me right now. Looks like piles of laundry in the background, snotty (but beautiful, 'cause that kid is cute) baby, eye glasses on for weeks because I haven't had the energy to deal with contacts yet there's a smile because I'm so grateful for yoga!

    Didn't mean to write a book but I'm excited.

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  • Hey, Pammy. I can 'sorta' help you here. First, don't go spending money on a DVD until you are comfortable with a style. Or, at the very least, get some used ones off craigslist or the like. Go to the library and check out two beginner tapes (b/c the chances of them being on DVD are slim to none!) AND get a few books.

    I say a few books b/c there are many styles of yoga. You will want to avoid Bikrim or even a Flow yoga until you are comfortable with the poses (asanas). Start gently, no matter what you see in the video or book. I ALWAYS encourage my students to acknowledge their bodies and start where they are at this moment. By doing that your body will honor you.

    You may want to go to one class or workshop (lots of places offer a one day workshop that is a great introduction) or find a teacher to come to you. The reason for this is that the breathing is almost more important than proper posture. Just learning to breathe properly will help you in so many ways. It wouldn't cost a lot for one shot with an instructor and maybe you can even see this person once a month so they can help you as you progress from your own practice. I wrote an article here about how to find the right instructor: which you may find helpful.

    Living Your Yoga is a book that is almost indispensable when it comes to embracing yoga. It's full of great insight and inspiration and really teaches you how to take your yoga off the mat. It's not at all for advanced students and is even great for those considering yoga.

    I could clearly go on and on about this subject b/c I love yoga. I love teaching woman how, through yoga, they can be even more confident and comfortable with themselves (I'm not your typical thin yoga instructor so I'm a bit shocking to some when they meet me!). I hope you find a style you like. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me!

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  • Have you bumped into Mandy Nelson yet? She's a member here who teaches yoga (and runs her own sound business -- Dandysound.) I suggest you ask her!

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