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I have been all over the Internet for the past 4 years now looking for a Job that I can do with full responsibility of a child. I have paid for several SCAMS, Letter stuffing, WEB editing, all get rich quick programs, I need some money just to pay bills. Does anyone out there have any suggestions that won't break my bank & make me some extra money? Please remember I have a 4 year old that I have with me 24/7. Thanks ”

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  • I was so sick of online scammers trying to contact me that I write an article titled "Mom Scams" and posted it on my blog. Here is the link to the article. It will not work in here unless you highlight it.

    Here is a good tip that I use from time to time. If an online scammer happens to get you on the phone, try this. Say, "Hold on just a minute while I turn on my recorder for my protection."

    An online scammer will hang up on you immediately and a nonscammer will not.


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  • Here are my suggestions on finding a legitimate opportunity that's right for YOU:

    - Set your financial goals -- Are you just looking for extra income or a potential full-time income? How long (and hard) are you willing to work to meet your goal?

    - Determine if you are looking for a JOB or a BUSINESS -- there is a distinct difference between the two and you want to focus your energies appropriately for the best results.

    - If looking for a JOB, what are your marketable skills and previous experiences? If you are looking for a BUSINESS, go with your passions, things that interest and motivate you the most. Build a list and use that to begin your search. General rule of thumb: Never pay for a job (businesses, on the other hand, usually involve some expenses).

    - Review your budget -- know ahead of time what you are willing and able to invest into your business, including start-up costs and ongoing maintenance and promotion.

    - Find a rep to contact, check out their websites, ask questions, do your own independent research. Check resources such as,, and for potential scams.

    Click here to view some recommended work from home internet business opportunities:

    Looking for a work at home job? Click here for several home employment resources, including freelance work and telecommuting jobs:

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  • I am involved in a business where the products are ECO-Safe for your household. They are Great. I have allergies and grandchildren and it was the best thing I did for my house. It knda works like buying a membershio to Sam's club and then yu can shop. But with this business you purchase the producst you need for your home that you would buy anyway in the grocery store and then spread the word. Not Hard the products speak for themselves. They do not have all the corrosives in them that harm our clothing, children, homes, ourselves, etc. You can check out my site
    They have training that involves conference calls from all over the country, so you pick up on new ideas fort he products.

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  • Man do I know what you are talking about! Truly I can't tell you how many work at home "opportunities" I have tried. I'm sure you know what you get when you "google" home business. I have an option for you but it does take some start up money. I have been with this company for only one week and have already made my first sale of $1000. If you don't have the startup money you need, you can go to and get a loan for it (it's peer to peer lending, so you don't have to worry about approval.) Seriously, come check it out. It has COMPLETELY change how I see money. The products themselves are designed to be an education and a step by step guide to financial independence. The system does all the selling. All you have to do is drive traffic to your site.

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  • Hi Ann, Blue 22d here.
    Just read your question and wondered if you have been checking out "associates"? I am currently working on a Web page so that I can participate as an associate to earn money via the Internet. There so many companies who provide "affiliate" opportunities and the legit ones usually don't ask for any moneys to get started. This is my direction. I am hoping to generate enough income so that I can work part-time from home.

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  • Hi Anne,

    It sounds to me like you need to be able to determine your own hours of work, so your main focus can be with your child. In my opinion, a -job- just doesn't give you that option. Maybe you should take a look at some at home based business opportunities, or freelance work, this will give you the freedom to choose when to work, day or night. There are also alot of risk-free options that won't cost you a penny to check into and the company I am working with also has the option of leveraging -their- money if you don't have any to invest up front. I started on a shoe string budget, with a 'try before you buy' option, and I am soooo glad I did.

    Visit to find out more. E-mail me from there and I will be in touch. The best of luck to you!

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  • Do you like to write? If so, start a blog. Once you establish a readership base, monetize it. Many successful bloggers (even small ones) earn hundreds a month or more.

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  • Hi Anne:

    I know your pain. I was once there myself. But I found a great company that I have partnered with for apbut 18 months now that is the real deal. I left the corporate world to partner with them and am earning a solid residual monthly income. I too have a 4 year old son and I have complete flexibility to take care of him and still provide for us.

    Feel free to check out our website If you want to get in touch with me for a free information session, complete the contact form and I will be in touch. Take care

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  • Anne:

    You may want to check out Bookwise Once you go to the site click on the link on the left "I want to learn more about having my own store" and you will be taken to a page to access a presentation about how it all works . They have an awesome business philosophy and they donate a portion of the book sales to charity. I just enrolled this past fall as an associate. Hope this helps.

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