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I am a new mom and have to go back to work soon. I got to stay with my beautiful daughter for three months but it is coming to an end and i am so worried that she will forget me. I am leaving her with my sister in law and i am afraid that my daughter will start to prefer her over me. Any advice?”

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  • Just make the best out of the time you do have with her and be thankful that you have someone you trust to watch her.

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  • My sister was my nanny for my son for his first three years, and my daughter for the first few months after I went back to work, and it was such a blessing to be able to leave my children with someone I knew truly loved them. My son especially has a close bond with my sister, but he definitely knows (and knew, even when he was a a little baby) who Mommy is. It may also help if you reserve special tasks, such as bathtime, as Mommy tasks, so that there are some things that only you, as Mommy, generally do with her.

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  • I would suggest recording your voice or little messages on your video camera on your phone and having your sister play them for your child. I would also suggest calling throughout the day and having whoever is watching your child hold the phone to their ear while you talk to your child.

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  • Although I don't have advice, per se, I want you to know you are not alone. I just joined the site not 5 minutes ago to ask this same question. I am also on maternity leave and have to go back to work in a few weeks. I am dealing with a lot of anxiety and guilt right now and trying to work through it.....but, we can do this. At least your daughter will be staying with her aunt--I have to leave my daughter with a woman I just met this afternoon. Good luck and try to stay positive (I'm telling myself the same thing).

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