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I live in Tampa, Florida, does anybody know how to get help from the state to pay for childcare? I really need the help I keep losing jobs because of no reliable babysitter! HELP!”

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  • I'm in CO, but here all you have to do is contact social services. They will set you up with an apt and you go in and see what you qualify for.

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  • I'm in South Florida. How old is your child? Maybe you could check with the school's Readiness Office - its on Florida Avenue. It's a school Readiness Office, but they also do state child care if you qualify. (813) 915-3200

    I operate a business from home if you are interested. Have you thought about working from home? It takes some time to build the business but if you are motiviated to stay home it's not that hard! : ) This is my business, but you need to make sure you find a business that is right for you and your family if you are going to stay home. Gotta love it to build it! Good luck.

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