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I have a question for traveling, working moms. I'm expecting my first child. I'm already sick of traveling for my job, however my job requires travel. I was curious, In my mind, I feel like I won't be able to travel again, however that won't be very realistic to my employer. I haven't let my boss know yet since I'm still in my first trimester, however I will probably be telling him in 2 weeks. When during a pregnancy will I need to stop traveling, and when after delivering will I be able to start traveling again? I want to breastfeed only (no formula if I can help it). What do you think?”

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  • Your DR can give you an official answer for you (high risk can change things) but you can fly up to your last month (and then, short flights are probably still OK). Talk to the airline; some require a Dr's note stating your due date (they are concerned about you having a baby on a plan--for liability and the gross factor for other travellers). And your DR can give you advice about flying (you may have to wear those ugly circulation stockings if you have long flights, etc.) You can fly again almost immediately--certainly by the time you return to work. You need to stock pile frozen breast milk. You can talk to a lactation consultant to help you get a plan for that. That was always the flaw in my plan--I never had enough back-up, and then I would get behind...(and not even due to travelling--your kid will start eating more, and more....) But don't beat yourself up and have formula handy; I'm pretty sure all the studies show that the longer you breastfeed the better even if it dwindles down to one or two feedings. And if your partner/nanny is home with the kid, and the freezer is empty and you are stuck in an airport with a bag of spoiling want your partner and baby happy.

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