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Do you always take off work to attend your kids school functions?”

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  • So far, I've made it to the "performance" functions. The ones they have during the day (like "Thanksgiving lunch") are not well-attended anyway, so I don't sweat those. Considering it's a daycare, most likely the vast majority of parents are working during the day, so they would be silly to plan important stuff before evening.

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  • No, the majority of my daughter's school functions are around 6 or 6:30pm and I get off work at 5:30. Thankfully, not too many of them are on the days I have to go to night class. When they are her dad takes my place. If anything is happening during school hours while i'm at work I take my lunch break at that to ensure i dont miss a beat.

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  • I try to, but even working from home, it's not always possible--especially with four kids!

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  • Well, I only work from home so I don't miss any. :-)
    But I agree that going to the bigger ones, the most important ones, such as plays and ones where they will be putting on a show or speaking are more important than just the parties with some cupcakes and not real event.

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  • As a preschool teacher/administrator ... there are some functions that you are going to want to "not" miss and others that really are only a big deal if you make them a big deal. Example - any event that lasts 5 minutes or less ... feel free to miss ;) Mother's Day Tea Parties or School wide Family Picnics - must attend events :)

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  • Yes, my child is just in Daycare so there aren't too many functions yet. But I usually take my lunch hour or take off work to attend. I do feel bad to see the other kids at functions with no parent there. Sometimes my husband and I both attend. That's a special treat!

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  • Yes. I was fortunate enough to have an employer who told me to not even worry about it and to leave for any school function.

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  • Yes. All of them where the parents are invited. My husband usually comes too but not every time. There are only like 1 or 2 kids whose parents dont show at any of the functions and those kids are usually really upset and asking where their mommy is and it breaks my heart.

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  • Most of the times if not all I do. Not only school functions, whenever my kids have doctors appt, get sick etc. I take the time off. My husband rarely gets involved in any of these activities.

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