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Do you think your kids get enough time to just play on their own?”

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  • I wish I could give them more time to just putz around on their own. They probably get about an hour a day during cold months, more during warm months, to do whatever without direct supervision. They do get to do a fair amount of "free play" at daycare, but I don't know how "free" it really is, compared to what I would allow at home.

    With limited "family time," it's hard to decide the right balance between supervised activities such as museum, swimming, game night vs. extended stretches of creative, truly free play. Both are valuable.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SKL on 2nd April 2011

  • Absolutely! I try to give my kids time to themselves and mom time daily. I want them to learn to be self dependant and not lean on anyone else in life.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Steph..Lunder on 30th March 2011