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do you allow your kids to watch tv while you catch up on work?”

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  • yep. nighttime is when we put in a movie and i get to get my writing done for an hour or so. kids need downtime, and i don't see a problem with that downtime consisting of some tv. i'm with them homeschooling all day long and we need some time apart to just chill!

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  • Cant say that I do, I actually perfer and enforce no t.v. I don't let my 7 yr watch t.v until and if home-work, bath and dinner is all done. Needless to say he never seems to finish all this before its his bedtime. I do let him watch t.v on the wkends with breaks in between to play outside,read, or so on I don't want them to become t.v addicts and not know how to socialize with others or keep there self entertained with out the electronics.

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  • My son is not that big of a TV fan. I wish I could get him to watch a little TV so I could catch up on work or catch my breath sometime

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  • I have to admit as well that I do sometimes put in a DVD if their toys are causing them to lose interest in playing. Only if I need a few consecutive uninterrupted minutes to take care of some work! We are both happy that way!

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  • I let my kids watch TV while I wrap up work if they have not had any screen time that day and I try to limit it to an hour.

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  • Yes, I must admit that sometimes I do let her watch TV while I catch up on work. Besides everyday housework/cleaning up that has to be done and meals that have to be made, I have homework for grad school and reports for work to complete. I spend a lot of time playing with my daughter; however, she does watch TV sometimes when I'm busy with work. She only watches a Disney DVD or quality TV (PBS Kids, Sprout or Nick Jr.) for a limited time. I don't see any harm in that, since it is educational, age-appropriate and only lasts for a relatively brief time period.

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  • No, but sometimes I put in a quality DVD if I need an extended period of free babysitting. Mostly my kids are good at keeping themselves occupied with their toys and books.

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