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Does anyone know of a working mom's group/playgroup? I have been looking, but everything in my area seems to be geared toward stay home moms. Anyone know of a national working mom's organization?”

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  • I was going to suggest the same two groups as Mary. Our local TMN site has some great activities for working moms and some very involved working moms in the group. For either, it will only be as good as the women involved, but these are great places to start!

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  • Check out Mothers and More ( It's a great national organization and there might be a chapter in your area. It's supportive of ALL mothers but seems to draw many members who also work outside the home. If you have a local chapter, moms from it might be more open to weekend playgroups. Another group to check out is the Mommies Network ( It's got tons of chapters all over the US. I only know about my local chapter, but we've got a great mix of moms on the clock and SAHMs - it translates into many events that are working mom-friendly. Good luck!

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  • Also, check out KinderMusik in your area and consider whether that would be a good fit for you.

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  • No. I think most of us working moms have our kids in some sort of group thing (usually daycare). And from my experience, daycare isn't a place to find parent friends (though one might expect otherwise). We just want to have some one on one with our kids at the end of a long work day.

    If you are looking for a chance to be with kids and moms/dads in the evenings, have you checked into library story hours? The ones around me usually offer some evening time slots. Also, check your local rec center for evening / weekend activities geared to preschoolers or "all ages."

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