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Nanny interview questions -- a friend is interviewing a nanny today and I gave her my list, but what are important questions to ask?”

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  • We had such great ideas on the site and in this thread that we've put together a quick checklist of nanny interview questions:

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  • First of all my biggest suggestion is to not interview the Nanny alone. Have a friend or two there with you. It is always good to get more than one person's thoughts and impressions about a person. Or maybe even your spouse or significant other. Good luck!

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  • How does she handle stress? And ask her to give examples.
    Has she ever had to take time off to deal with stress-related issues?

    This can give a window into emotional stability.

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  • Here is a great article on our site that gives advice on what type of questions to ask:
    I thought it was useful and asked those questions when I was interviewing a nanny :)

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  • I think there are people that are good at telling you what you want to hear, so i think the most important thing to do is spend quality time with your nanny before she starts.

    My last Nanny and I worked together for 2 weeks before she started F/T alone with my son. I needed to feel in my gut that I was making the right decision. If that is not possible maybe your friends nanny can work with her for a weekend before she makes a final decision.

    I would definitely ask
    Social Security #
    Passport or Drives ID and make a copy
    WHy did she leave her last job
    WHat did she like about her last job
    What didn't she like
    What were hours
    Does she consider herself to be flexible
    How does she handle stressful situations i.e. excessive crying or tantrums
    Is she CPR certified

    I spend a lot of time in the parks, local YMCA and see quite a bit. Not all bad but not all so great. I do have to say that I come across some excellent nannies. It is such a hard decision. I wish your friend the very best with her choice.

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  • Okay, here are a couple that spring to mind:
    What are her favorite kids' books?
    What are her favorite snacks to give to kids?
    I think the answers would reveal a lot about what kind of person the potential nanny is. But I guess the most important thing is for the mom to feel she connects with him/her and they are on the same wavelength re. values, etc.

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