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Should I quit BEFORE you got pregnant? My husband and I are trying to conceive (I'm 37). In seven months my husband will be transferred and I am planning on NOT working full-time in the hopes that I am expecting a little one. The question is: should I quit NOW and enjoy the next few months of personal time? I can work out, stay healthy for the baby, think about a home-based business for the future, etc? We have some savings and for the next few months we'd have to dip into it a little for me to quit, and the extra I WON'T be bringing home is about $25,000. Hubby FULLY supports, but I can't get over the money. Could care less about the job--in fact, every second I spend there, I feel my life draining away. My first question, and I know it's a long one.”

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  • I work from home, operating a great business for a well known company. If you would like to build and expand your own business from home contact me anytime. This is business with unlimited income potential, also provides residual income. For this business I work about 3-4 hours a day & enjoy my children the rest of the time.
    Instead of quitting your job, hang in there a bit longer until you have something established that provides income & keeps you home with baby.
    Wishing you the best of luck conceiving, juicing all of the pineapple including core (with out outer layer) has been known to help people conceive.

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  • I didn't get any replies to this (hope it wasn't the poor wording in the first sentence!) but I just wanted to leave an update: I DID IT! I gave my two weeks' notice yesterday!

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