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Do you use bedtime stories as a ritual each night to catch up with your kids? Reading or storytelling can be a fun way for you to unwind and also, learn about what your kids are upto:-) So, what are your favorite bedtime books or stories?”

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  • Hi Laurentexas and SKL,

    Thank you for sharing your reading rituals. It is really lovely to see that more and more working moms take out the time to read to their kids and connect with them as well.
    @Laurentexas, thanks for sharing the info about KIds Adventure Bible.

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  • We read his Kids Adventure Bible together. It has so many stories in it related to everyday child questions, situations, etc. and has been a HUGE help in some cases where I was clueless as to how to handle a certain situation. We do this for about 15 to 20 minutes each night for bedtime. It's also a great way for his little body to wind down, because he is ADHD and ALWAYS on the go. He keeps me busy for sure :)

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  • We've done this at some stages in my kids' life - other times, we've enjoyed books at different times of the day/week.

    Right now, my kids are 4 and we do daily reading at bedtime. The kids read and then I read. We'll pick one or more books that my youngest can read without too much help. I usually read from one of their children's Bibles, and if we have time, other books. We don't usually get through much volume, but at this age, it's important to let them explore all aspects of the book, ask questions, give their opinion, etc.

    For "catching up," we usually talk at dinnertime and during car rides. Not so much at bedtime - because if I let it start, it's hard to cut it off.

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