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With respect to your kids, what are some things you "absolutely" want to be there for? If you work long or odd hours, how do you prioritize?”

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  • My work life is flexible enough that I can manage to be at many events (first day of school, last day of school, sports games, etc.). I try to make one field trip a year so that I am at least putting in some amount of volunteer hours at the kids' school. What I do NOT do is show up for every volunteer opportunity or do the in-class stuff. I often feel guilty because there are moms who are at school ALL THE TIME... but then I have to stop and remind myself that they do not also have jobs. Yes, they are holding down the all-important and amazing and difficult job of full-time motherhood... and believe me, I understand what a tough life that can be in many ways... but the difficulty of that life is a different kind than the difficulty of my own life. There are rewards on both sides, I am sure.

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  • School performances and graduations are high on the list. I'm lucky in that my job is flexible enough, most of the time, for me to dart out for an event and finish up my workload at night, after the kids are in bed. (My last job wasn't, so I'm very grateful for that level of flexibility now). Friend birthday parties are much lower on my list, probably because even my little kids are a bit older now, and my youngest son's friends are mostly the younger siblings of my daughter's friends, so we all take turns chauffeuring the children from one party to the next (and supervising).

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  • Now that my children are teenagers, they are obviously MUCH more independent. The "musts" are those milestones moments such as today's 8th grade graduation. I schedule a day off work and I'm going to enjoy the day. It's a beautiful, blue sky day here in Massachusetts. Of course, I have a 'to do' list a mile long, but the priority is to be there for my wonderful daughter as she makes this important move.

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  • My kids are at their first friend birthday party right now, and I'm at my work computer. Would love to be there with them because it's a "first" (and because I've never even met the kid or his parents, unless you count a phone call) - but I'm sure my sister has it under control. Just wondering how other moms think about these things.

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