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We have a blended family of 4 children. We spend most of our time at church and or church functions. My mother, sister and brother in law all go to the same church as us. Whenever their is an event or funtion for the kids and we cant go, my sister in law will come pick up my step daughter and take her. My two kids are left at home or day care. My husband just say's he cant help what is sister does. I also take care of my 4 yr old step son morning noon and night and sometimes feel that i get no respect for it. My step son's mother has some major issues with me and to this day (3 1/2yr's later) she still try's to start stuff and uses Tre (step son) to get her way. I have ignored it for this long but its getting harder and harder. We are getting ready to go six flags at the end of the month (im taking them alone) but our church is taking kids to Branson next weekend. I can't afford both trips but my step daughter gets to go with her aunt. Is it wrong for me to not let her go with us to TX? We are going with a family member of mine who will pay for most of it anyway. I feel like telling my husband "sorry, my aunt doesnt have enough for so-n-so and i can't help what my aunt does!! I know it's horrible but I'am so tired of pulling all the weight and being taking advantage of. Advice PLEASE!”

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