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If you use an accountant, how much do you usually pay to get your annual taxes done?”

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  • I do our taxes (thank you turbo tax!) but this year I'm using an accountant for the biz side. We're trading off yoga for accounting which is great for both of us. She charges $35 per hour, though, and works with many small businesses.

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  • For our joint personal taxes we pay about $500.00. For our business taxes we pay about another $300.00.

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  • We pay about $450 for both of ours. His is only a hundred or so, because it's a very straightforward one. I'm self-employed so it's more complicated and time-consuming, hence more expensive. I did it last year, in an effort to save money. Ugh. Back to the acountant this year!

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  • Mine were something in the neighborhood of $500 biz (S-corp) and $300 personal. This is our 4th year with this accountant. I'm doing our personal taxes this year, and am planning to look for a new accountant during the year. Ours isn't bad, but each year we get less service for a higher fee.

    Have used one of those lower cost accountants like Lylah once, and obviously we did not continue using them.

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  • I used to use an accountant, but he flaked out on us so badly last year that I don't feel comfortable using him again. We used to pay $175 each, I think -- so $350 total? Might have been $400 total...

    Of course, you can write off a portion your tax prep fees...

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