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I'm going back to work next week after an extended maternity leave. How do I politely (or not!) let people know that I'd prefer not to be bombarded with questions like "How can you leave your little one?" and statements like "It must be so hard to not be with your baby"? My children will be home with their father, which makes the transition easier, but I'd like a succinct comeback for peoples' nosy questions. They are like salt on a wound.”

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  • You can say that you feel it is important to provide your children with a strong female role model. This is especially important if you have daughters. If you like your job, you can also say that you will be a better mother for your children by being happy with a balanced life (studies support this statement).

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  • I always told them "You gotta do what you gotta do!"

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  • Going back is hard, but the comments are inevitable and unavoidable. I would just take them in stride and offer a casual response, like "It is what it is", or "It's one of those things every working mother has to eventually face." to minimize the focus on you. Also, people will ask because they feel obliged to ask as well. It should taper off in the first month.

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